Help! I can’t wear a strapless outfit!

Most women who have dared to venture into the world of strapless bras know the struggle: the constant pulling up, the discomfort, and the disappointing sag that restricts us from wearing our dream outfits with confidence. Strapless bras, for many, have become synonymous with unpredictable wardrobe malfunctions. Wearing a bra like this to an important occasion and being let down physically and emotionally is enough for anyone to say never again!

Chloe wearing a badly fitting strapless Chloe wearing a badly fitting strapless

Why Most Strapless Bras Fail?

Understanding the problem requires looking at common flaws in many strapless bras:

  1. Insufficient Support: Most bras rely heavily on shoulder straps for support, which isn't an option for strapless bras.
  2. One-Size-Fits-All Approach: Many brands offer a limited range of band and cup sizes, meaning women with unique proportions can't find a perfect fit.
  3. Poor Material Choice: A strapless bra needs grip but many are made with materials that prioritize aesthetics over functionality.
  4. Inadequate Structure: Lack of proper underwires and side supports can cause the bra to lose shape over time.
Madison wearing Luxe

Introducing the Perfect Solution: Our Cartwheel-Proof Strapless Bra!

Forget everything you knew about strapless bras. We've revolutionized the concept, keeping every woman's woes in mind:

  1. Customized Support from a 28” Band: Offering sizes starting from a 28” band ensures a snug fit, meaning the band stays in place without being uncomfortably tight.
  2. Grip Without Slippage: We use state-of-the-art materials that hug your skin without causing discomfort. Say goodbye to the constant need to adjust.
  3. Robust Structure: Our bras are designed with sturdy underwires, seamed cups and side supports to maintain the bra's shape and provide consistent support.
  4. Cartwheel-Proof: Yes, you read that right! Our strapless bras have been tested extensively, even with activities as rigorous as cartwheels, to ensure they stay in place no matter what.
Madison Before and after Madison Before and after

Dress Without Restrictions!

With our strapless bra, the world of fashion opens up for fuller bust babes:

  1. Strapless Dresses: Flaunt that elegant neckline without a second thought.
  2. Off-Shoulder Tops: Embrace the trend with complete confidence.
  3. One Shoulder Outfits: No straps to interrupt that asymmetric vibe.

Real Reviews from Real Women


Great bra, perfect fit and doesn’t dig in like some strapless bras.

Trusted Customer

Katie Weir, Curvy Kate’s Bra Whisperer talks about how important a well-fitted strapless bra truly is:

‘When I first found a strapless bra that held up my boobs with out the straps and felt comfortable, I cried. A strapless bra can be a life-changing item, it opens so many more outfit ideas and allows you to wear them with confidence.’

A perfectly fitting strapless bra will offer:

  1. 100% support from the back band, this should feel firm but not tight.
  2. Underwires should reach around all your breast tissue at the side and into your armpit area are to avoid wires digging in.
  3. The wires should sit firmly between the bust for separation and uplift.

Putting on your strapless bra properly, is the most important step as it enhances how the bra fits your body and the staying power! To learn more about that, check out our informative guide on how to put on a strapless bra.

Take the Leap of Trust

We understand your worries around Strapless, and that's why we invite you to try it for yourself. Experience the freedom of movement, the confidence in every step, and the ability to wear anything without a second thought.

We believe everybody with a fuller bust should have confidence and freedom to live life without limits.

Find your perfect fit in a Curvy Kate Strapless Bra now.

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