Curvy Kate affiliate scheme
Curvy Kate affiliate scheme

Affiliate Program

Who We are?

Curvy Kate make D to K cup lingerie and swimwear that curvy girls love to wear. Fit and comfort are at the forefront of every design with women of all shapes testing the products to guarantee a feel-good fit.

Our bras start from a 28 back size up to plus sizes, including 40 to 44 backs. The range is inclusive of all women and this is shown through all our imagery and the brand message that everybody should be able to enjoy great lingerie and swimwear.

Benefits of working with Curvy Kate

  • 5% Baseline commission
  • Exciting offers and promotions every month
  • New Season product drops every month
  • Product feed updated daily
  • 30 day Cookie Window
  • Exclusive discounts available is the no. 1 destination for curvy girls searching for well-made, fashionable lingerie and swimwear. We offer amazing value and a wide range of sizes and styles.

You’ll find:

  • Specialists in D – K cups, 28 to 44 backs sizes
  • Curvy Kate Lingerie plus Scantilly – our sister brand featuring our sexy and seductive range up to a HH cup
  • Curvy Kate Swimwear with Mix ‘n’ Match options
  • All new season Curvy Kate styles plus our all our available back catalogue
  • Excellent fitting advice and related content

We look forward to working with you!

How to Sign Up

The Curvy Kate program can be found on Rakuten

Approval Guidelines

We manually approve all affiliates onto the program within 72 hours giving priority to content driven websites. We may not approve or delay your application if the following guidelines are not met:

  • Your website must be aesthetically pleasing and have a well designed layout.
  • Your website must be free from any content that can be interpretative as offensive.
  • Your website must be live and not under construction.

Once approved onto the program we ask that you follow the guidelines below. Any affiliates who do not adhere to them may find their commission suspended or be removed from the program.

PPC Restrictions

Due to a large in-house PPC campaign, affiliates are not allowed to bid on our brand name or any brand misspellings. Please add “Curvy Kate” and “CurvyKate” to your negative keyword list.

  • No bidding on brand name.
  • No bidding on variation of brand terms
  • No bidding on misspells
  • No displaying Curvy Kate in the display URL or title and ad copy
  • No bidding on generic terms when displaying our brand name or terms
  • No bidding on competitor terms and variations or direct linking to Curvy Kate
  • Advertiser brand terms
Curvy Kate affiliate scheme