With the world opening up again, it is time to unveil all of those outfits you have wanted to wear for so long!

The word on many ladies lips is... STRAPLESS. We never want your boobs to hold you back from wear an outfit, so here are our top tips to strapless bras!
Can I wear a strapless bra?

The main questions our Bra Whisperer gets asked...

Will it hold me up?

GIRL! Our strapless bra will do more than hold you up, it's going to lift your boobs and confidence from 30-40" D-J cup. Just check out the features and benefits of Luxe...
Can I wear a strapless bra?

Will it support bigger boobs?

Luxe doesn't just work, it goes one step further. This bra holds up a whopping 6KGs - our infamous strapless bra supports boobs form 28-30" D-J cup and not just in a casual pose. This strapless supports you through the cartwheels, handstands and dancing of life...

Will it slip down?

See above, for all of the non slip evidence you will ever need.

Can I wear a strapless bra?

Yes babe, you CAN! We have got your back with this strapless, over 207,000 women own this bra and you can be one too! Just ensure that you speak to a virtual bra fitter (VBF, for short) if you haven't worn Curvy Kate before or your last bra fitting was over one year ago! You can book a virtual bra fitting appointment or submit a bra fit form to find your perfect size in Luxe and beyond.

Is Luxe your only strapless bra?

No, we also have the Smoothie strapless which as the name suggest offers zero seams for a super smooth vibe under clothing! The Smoothie strapless offers a full cup coverage and is available in a wide size range of 30-40" D-J, 42-44 DD-G cup!
Can I wear a strapless bra?
Shop the Curvy Kate strapless bra options here and the world will be your oyster!

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