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Choosing the right swimwear should be as breezy as a day at the beach, right? With our range of plus-size swimwear, including stylish 38FF (US 38H) bikini tops and bottoms, your perfect summer companion is just a click away.  Read More


Prepping for a dreamy holiday or simply want to add a fresh splash to your swimwear collection? Curvy Kate has got you covered! Discover our fun, fabulous 38FF (US 38H) bikinis designed to help you shine brighter than the summer sun. Let's make your 38FF (US 38H) swimsuit shopping an exciting adventure!

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Searching for a 38FF (US 38H) swimsuit that is both flattering and comfortable? We know - nothing can beat that first ray of sunshine on your skin or that first step into still-chilly water in the early days of summer. But what’s really important is the way you look and feel in your swimwear.

There are many different basic body types, and every person is unique, so it's important to find a swimsuit just right for you—something that makes you glow from the inside out! That’s why we offer an extensive range of styles and sizes, such as 36G (US 36I) and 40F (US 40G).

Not sure of your bikini top size? We've come up with a few helpful tips to simplify your search for your ideal swimwear! Take a peek at our Bra Fitting Advice or have a go with our 5-minute Bra Fit Quiz.