Uplift your life with the correct fitting bra

Are you looking to change your relationship with your bra? Do you want to supercharge your wardrobe and become unstoppable? Is it time to uplift your life?...

At Curvy Kate we believe everybody with a fuller bust should have confidence and freedom to live life without limits.

Wearing the wrong bra or incorrect size can not only result in pain or discomfort, it can also lead to feelings of frustration or a lack of self-confidence.

Our range is designed exclusively for D to K cups and we are committed to empowering everyone with a fuller bust to live life on your terms and never be compromised by your bra size. As a business, collectively, we have bra-fitted thousands of customers over the years and witnessing the difference a well-fitting bra can make to the posture, health, and well-being of someone who is fuller-busted, is what drives our passion more than anything else.

Melissa wearing Victory White

“It’s not your body that’s the issue, it’s your bra!”

To show exactly what we mean by this statement, we recently joined forces with Melissa Suffield to create our Bra Convert campaign. Featuring five women who had bad relationships with their bras,bra we invited the ladies into our office for a day of bra fitting and took some before and after shots.

Hannah’s Bra Transformation from 40D to 36GG

Hannah’s Bra Transformation
from 40D to 36GG

Hannah was unsure of her bra size after recently giving birth. When we met Hannah, she was wearing a baggy 40D bra. As the band of her bra was too big, this meant that she wasn’t receiving any support and the weight of her bust was pulling her posture forward. After her bra fitting, Hannah was transformed from a baggy 40D to a supportive and uplifting 36GG.

Harriet’s Bra Transformation
from 38C to 36FF

Harriet joined us wearing a 38C bra. She said she was fed up with wearing bras which dig in and cause discomfort. After a couple of minutes with our bra whisperer, Harriet’s bra size was transformed to a 36FF offering the correct volume in the cup to eliminate the problem of digging in, with a nice firm band to keep everything in position.

Harriet’s Bra Transformation from 38C to 36FF
Amy’s Bra Transformation from 38D to 32J

Amy’s Bra Transformation
from 38D to 32J

Amy arrived wearing a 38D bra. Her biggest concern when we met was feeling weighed down by her bust and she lacked confidence when it came to choosing what tops to wear. At 38D, Amy’s band was too big, offering no support and the cups were too small resulting in discomfort and over-spill of breast tissue. The biggest visual transformation of the day, Amy is a fab example of how much impact wearing a correctly fitting bra can have on our posture and how it can transform how we feel about ourselves.

With 32J bra, she instantly felt uplifted and more perky and now feels confident enough to create more flattering silhouettes with her clothing.

Anneka’s Bra Transformation
from 38J to 36H

Anneka’s weight loss journey took her from a baggy 38J to a 36H after being refitted by the Bra Whisperer. She is now correctly supported from the 36” back band (which offers 80% of the support) and the cups now comfortably encapsulate the breast tissue with no excess gaping to give a rounded and uplifted shape.

Anneka’s Bra Transformation from 38J to 36H

If you are not able to get to a store for an in person fitting, take our bra fit quiz to help find your Curvy Kate size and bra style recommendations. If you don’t believe us, check out what our happy customers who took the quiz and transformed their bra size had to say:


Excellent sizing advice and customer support. I did the quiz and followed the recommendation and the bra was a perfect fit.

Trusted Customer