You’d Never Guess That These Babes Are The Same Bra Size!

Our swimwear confidence babes talk us through their day behind the camera and share their top picks from our latest swimwear collections! Boob twins Sophia and Connie are both a 30HH and both have very different body types, they share with us their body confidence journeys and answer some quick-fire questions ahead of a hot summer spent in Curvy Kate swimwear!

First Class Plunge Swimsuit and bikini

We asked Connie and Sophia about their favourite Curvy Kate Swimwear collection.

Sophia thinks the Pool Party Reversible Swimsuit is a game changer!
“I love wearing the black reversible side. It makes your boobs look incredible whilst being fully supported. Somehow the swimsuit fits your waist perfectly too. I love wearing it because it makes me look and feel amazing. I have never worn a swimsuit before as I have never felt supported by other brands!”
Pool Party Reversible Swimsuit
Connie loves the Wrapsody as it can be worn in so many ways!
“The Wrapsody one piece and bikini are both amazing and the mesh panels look so classy.”

wrapsody bikini

How does it feel to wear cup size swimwear?

Sophia: “Swimwear that matches both your cup size and waist size is a genuine game changer. I discovered cup size swimsuits for the first time during the campaign photoshoot! I felt wonderful in the Curvy Kate Pool Party Swimsuit – it genuinely fits perfectly to your body and holds you in the right places. My boobs need support and other swimsuits from other brands don’t provide this.”
Connie: “It feels good! The best feeling is knowing that you're secure and supported if you're planning on doing more than sunbathing at the pool or beach.”

Twist and Shout non wired bikini

What was your favourite moment from the photoshoot?

Sophia: “My favourite moment from the photoshoot was watching wonderful, really curvy women absolutely loving their own bodies and working it in front of the camera. They honestly did not care one dime about their stretchmarks or wobbly bits!! They were moving with grace with a big smile on their faces. I won’t forget watching them dance, they were just so comfortable and happy with themselves as they are. It was really inspiring to watch, I wish all women could have witnessed these women. I will never forget their lack of obvious insecurity and sheer confidence and comfort in their own skin.”

Connie: “My favourite moment of the day was sitting out in the street under the warm sun when a sweet older lady waved and gave us a thumbs up as she was passing by. It felt like there was a moment of solidarity between us all.”

You’d Never Guess That These Babes Are The Same Bra Size!

Any advice for ladies who feel nervous heading to the beach or pool in their swimwear this summer?

Sophia: “The swimsuits are very flattering and supportive for those that feel more nervous about heading to the beach. There is a massive body positivity movement on going and I hope that helps women to feel beautiful as they are, because people are learning to support other women who are not the traditional skinny shape and people are learning to accept, embrace and love the curvy body shape. As they should! Not that it matters how other people perceive you anyway. Watching the other women elude confidence at the photoshoot – it was very convincing, it made them even more beautiful. Walk with confidence darling!”

Connie: “First of all, no matter what you wear, you will rock it! If I had to give advice, it would be to live in the moment. Appreciate the sun on your skin and the breeze in your hair, find what feels good! Once you do, you may realise there's nothing to be nervous about.”

Twist and Shout non wired swimsuit and bikini

How did it feel to meet your boob twin?

Sophia: “It was great to see my boobs on another person with a completely different shape. They looked brilliant on my boob twin and my own boobs looked wonderful too. I have never been around so many women with a similar cup size to me! I have always felt like the odd one out, the person that other women cannot relate to. But being around these women was quite liberating, as I felt like I fit in! For the first time in my life!”

Connie: “It was nice to meet her! Even though we are boob twins we are so different from each other! It was really refreshing and truly a testament to the beauty of diversity.”

Pool Party reversible non-wired swimsuit and Pool Party non-wired triangle bikini

If you could give your teenage self some body positive advice, what would it be?

Sophia: “As a teenager I used to buy pills of the internet that would supposedly make my boobs smaller. My mum used to hide the pills from me as she was terrified about what was in them, as it was obviously dangerous. I felt desperate to make them smaller as people also used to say to me ‘I would hate to have your body shape’. I have also toyed with the idea of a breast reduction. I must say that I have an incredible figure, I always have, and I am happy to say that, especially because of battle I have had with myself about my cup size. If I could give my teenage self some advice, I would tell her that I am more than good enough. You can learn to love who you are, because who you are is compassion, joy and kindness.”

Connie: “To my teenage self I would say, "Hiding your body away doesn't stop it from existing, let it take up space. Make memories that aren't marred by thinking about how you look."

Pool Party reversible non-wired swimsuit and Pool Party non-wired triangle bikini

Quick-fire round!

City break or beach?

Sophia: Beach, but I also love the mountains!

Connie: City break! I like seeing what a city has to offer.

Cocktail or Fanta Limon by the pool?

Sophia: A mocktail will do me just fine!

Connie: Fanta Limon for me.

wrapsody bikini

Sunglasses or cap?

Sophia: I need both, with my fair complexion I need a sun hat and glasses on at all times to survive the heat!

Connie: Can I cheat and say both?

wrapsody bikini

Bikini or swimsuit?

Sophia: Bikini, but I have discovered swimsuits for the first time since the Curvy Kate photoshoot.

Connie: Bikini - you can mix and match and it's much more practical.

First Class bikini and swimsuit

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