Non-Padded Swimwear

Embrace your natural shape with our elegant collection of non-padded swimwear. Designed for those who prefer a more natural look without sacrificing support, our range is perfect for cup sizes D and above. Read More

Our non-padded swimsuits and bikinis offer both comfort and style, making them an ideal choice for your beach or poolside adventures. This collection is all about celebrating your curves in their true form. Each piece is crafted to provide support and enhance your natural silhouette, ensuring you feel confident.

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Discover Our Non-Padded Swimwear Selection

Our non-padded swimwear is made with recycled materials, showcasing our commitment to sustainable fashion. With Curvy Kate's non-padded collection, you can enjoy natural comfort while making an eco-friendly choice. Here are some key advantages:

Natural Appearance: For those who prefer a more understated look, non-padded swimwear offers a more natural profile.

Enhanced Breathability: Non-padded fabrics allow for better air circulation around the bust area. This can reduce sweating and discomfort, particularly in warm climates.

Lightweight Feel: Without the extra layer of padding, non-padded swimwear tends to be lighter, making it more comfortable to wear, especially in hot weather or when swimming.