How Your Boobs Survive a Heatwave

How Your Boobs Survive a Heatwave

Yes the UK is midst heatwave meltdown. Yes, laugh away the rest of the world. The United Kingdom cannot survive any sort of change in weather, be sun or snow WE WILL complain about it.

Us ladies have more than good reason to not be happy about this humid heat, and that reason is sticky boobs. I mean we can try spray deodorant on that sticky band of sweat or life-hack it away by padding ourselves with panty liners to hold black the flood but seriously what can we do to survive this gloriously hellish sun?

Well, we have a few tips to avoid the dreaded boob-sweats.

  • First things first put aside the pad! You wanna be comfortable so get rod of anything with extra fabric. Stick with something like Sheer Joy it has a lightweight fabric and is super pretty too and save some dimes as it's in the sale!

  • Plunge bras technically have less fabric and you may find it more comfortable if your boobs have more breathing space! Dragonfly is perfect for this as it not only is a plunge it's thinner strapping detail will allow your shoulders to breath too! This baby is a steal in the sale too! You are too spoilt!

    • Avoid the lace! Lace can be really itchy in hotter weather. A great alternative is the ultimate underboob-sweat free bra! You guessed it - Lifestyle! If you really want to keep things cool this summer put on Lifestyle which is a lightweight mesh plunge. All the good things to help you survive this heatwave.


    So if you are looking to come out of the other side of this blessed but awful summer heat, we reckon you should change and get on the mesh bra bandwagon.

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