HOLD UP! Wendy Willilams Wears LUXE!

HOLD UP! Wendy Willilams Wears LUXE!

Wendy Williams opens her latest episode of The Wendy Show by declaring that she has found her perfect strapless bra!

That strapless bra being Curvy Kate's bestselling Luxe strapless bra! We LOVE Luxe, we know how great it is but it is always amazing when a woman feels the power of a perfectly fitting strapless and to have Wendy Williams announce this on her insanely popular show is just incredible!

So why do we love Luxe?

The Luxe moulded cup offers a wonderful rounded shape and thanks to the 3 part seam cup the uplift to a J cup is simply second to none. To get a little more technical, the strapless bra also features an inside sling which offers further support and shape, this is another reason why the Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bra is just the best strapless!

Luxe strapless bra won’t slip throughout the day either, Wendy Williams speaks of her excitement wearing Luxe:

“For all the women with ginormous breasts like me, I finally found the perfect strapless bra”

Luxe is available in Black, Biscotti and Ivory! Be sure to take a look at our fitting tips too, so that your Luxe holds up all day and night:

A huge shout out to the Figleaves team for getting our Luxe strapless into the wardrobe of Wendy Williams!

We want to hear your love of Luxe, comment below!

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