The Curvy Kate Marketing Team woke up the British nation at the end of June on the UK's favourite radio station, BBC Radio One Breakfast with Greg James!

 The Cup Size Quizzers are already serving ICONIC moments on the daily and it isn't even Thursday. Team Captain Katie, aka the Bra Whisperer heads up the team and kicked off the week on Monday 21st June with an energetic performance which sure woke up the nation! Greg championed Katie's quiz hosting and Bra Fitting skills as she also disclosed that she had met him before oh and that she is a huge Craig David fan!

From completely forgetting who won last seasons Love Island, thinking Tennis at Queens is played on Clay to renaming the French President to 'Emmanuel Croissant'. Unfortunately, as described by Greg, her performance was terrible in terms of the questions but a great performance in terms of what she was giving to the Monday morning listeners, they loved her! Katie finished the quiz with SIX points.



Tuesday: Our Head of Marketing - the only man on the team... PAUL!


Paul had a cool, calm and collected approach with a sprinkle of nerves for good luck! He spoke of the time he hustled a cardboard cradle to the Apprentice contestants, which Greg absolutely loved and got very into the story telling. Paul raised the quiz game with a very respectable 13 points putting him at the top of the leader board, he certainly came through with an iconic 'Lordey' moment which you can listen back to here! Not to be missed! Big up Paul!


Wednesday: Mid week pick me up with Phoebe! Our Social Media Queen brought the energy,  the lights, the camera, the action with her story of being on the Graham Norton show and passion for BOOBS. She is waiting on the hot spots of Watford to be recommended by Chris Stark, we see you and hopefully they can go support WFC sometime soon! We had a few 'oh no' moments which melted our hearts and got a little stuck on onion rings but all in all Phoebe from Watford scored NINE points, putting her bang in the middle of the leader board.


Thursday: HIYA form our Senior Graphic and Web Designer who gave us an iconic fun fact that she got a personal performance from the Maccabbes, aka Felix Gregs Bestie! Amy got off to an insane start, she sailed through and we thought she was onto a winner until this, and only the meme can explain the moment the best... 

Amy finished up on 12 points but Greg deducted one for THE answer of Southampton as the capital of Wales...  so she has 11 points and currently in second position!

FRIDAY-  The team are on a huge adrenaline come down but we have a clear WINNER!! Jasreen is the Yesterday's Quiz QUEEN ending on 15 points and smashing it out the park with fast paced, quick fire answers! You sure did your 11 year old quiz girl, proud! AMAZING WORK!


We hope that you enjoyed out time on Radio One as much as we did!! It is a real moment to be featured on such a show and we are so grateful to spread those body positive vibes across the airwaves!

 PS. 90 seconds feels like 10 seconds when you are on the show!


If you missed it you can catch up on BBC Sounds from anywhere in the world!

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