#ApplaudandReward - Meet the girls: Steph and Chloe

#ApplaudandReward - Meet the girls: Steph and Chloe

Our next duo are sisters Steph and Chloe from Leeds. Chloe is a 20 year old fashion marketing student and personal stylist at Debenhams. She is creative, and loved art and dance in school, and now she expresses her creativity through fashion. If she had a tagline it would probably be ‘purple hair and positivity’ – unless she has pink hair. Stephanie is 28 and works in admin and also owns her own sweet stall...YUM! Her favourite sweet are giant strawbs and she has a love for the outdoors and socialising with her friends! 🙌

Chloe told us how she feels about her body “It depends what angle…because angles are deceiving! We’re so used to seeing everyone’s best angle. When I look in the mirror slouching I don’t like what I see, because no one looks this bad right? I see my stretch marks on my stomach that appeared in the past year; and even though they are natural, society deems them as something so negative. I see someone who isn’t accepted in society.”

Chloe looked stunning in her Lifestyle Black set wearing a 34J cup

Our Lifestyle set on a happy Chloe

Stephanie sees herself differently when she looks in the mirror she stated “a person that wants to be happy” she went on to speak about her experience “at first I was very apprehensive (being in lingerie) but because of all the people around us and the other girls taking part, I was able to relax and enjoy myself. I felt happier in my skin and it has helped my body confidence.”

Chloe reflected on her experience shooting in lingerie “It gave me the push that I needed to start my body positive journey. I posted the pictures on social media, and I literally cried with happiness when I got so many positive comments and messages; it made feel I could be proud of my body. The one comment that really made me cry was from my friend who has felt self-conscious about her body, and she said I was inspiring. That felt incredible.” She continued with her personal journey and the experience, “I took a picture in the changing room with no make-up and I wasn’t breathing in, then posted it on my Instagram, I think that sums it up. No angle is a bad angle!”

Chloe and Steph had a very positive insight into themselves and their relationship together. We loved having their incredible energy on set. We really hope this inspires you to continue sharing the love.

Steph and Chloe in feel-good blues

Remember where you see flaws, we see beauty.


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