When many people hear the term 'D Cups' most jump to the conclusion that this means gigantic boobs. They believe if you wear a D or DD cup then you must have Pamela Anderson sized knockers stuck on your chest regardless of your body shape, however this is just not the case and we want to show you how.
As we've explained in other blog posts (here) cup size is completely relative to the back size it is teamed with, or in other words, the size of the body the breasts are on. This means for every available back size there is a D/DD cup that couples with it, and you know what? They're not all the same size.
To demonstrate this we asked some of our customers to show off their assets so we can really see how boobs differ and put to bed the idea that D-cups are the biggest size out there....
Take note of the sizes...
Camilla image 28D
Emma Millard - POST 40DD
Ellesha image 32D
Yep that's right! Every single one of the girls above wear a D or DD cup and besides all being gorgeous they're all very different. This is because D cups (and any other cup size for that matter) change depending on what back size they are teamed with, so they can appear bigger or smaller depending on who they're on, interesting huh?
This exercise was designed to educate that a DD cup isn't one definitive size, it is a number of sizes that can look a number of different ways. Its here to help women understand that you don't have a big body or big back to have big boobs and also that being petite doesn't mean you can't wear a DD cup or larger.
So, if this blog post has made you question your boobs and whether you're in the correct size, then worry no more. You can either head to Curvy Kate's high-street retailers, Bravissimo, John Lewis or Debenham's for a professional fitting or send photos to Curvy Kate's very own Bra Whisperer by clicking here.

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