It gives our Bra Whisperer shivers to read that the Bra is the least used item of 2020. Media makes us believe that an uncomfortable bra in the norm when in fact it shouldn't be that way.
During the first lockdown we saw sales of our soft cup bralettes sky rocket, with many of you ladies ditching the underwires with a perception that non-wired is more comfortable. Of course, cup-sized Curvy Kate bralettes are supportive and offer a great shape but being comfortable doesn't mean that you have to ditch the underwires. You can of course change it up a bit and have the soft cup and underwires on more of a rotation during this time.
When you wear a perfectly fitted bra, you won't feel a thing apart from a gentle hug of your back band lifting your boobs and taking all of that weight off your shoulders. Lockdown 2.0 isn't the time to take of your bra but indeed, find a perfectly fitting one! 
Here are Curvy Kate's Bra Whisperer top three reasons to keep your bra on behind closed doors:
Yes ladies, you heard it right. Keep your bra on for the upmost comfort during lockdown, you might want to adapt your styles and if you have seen a fluctuation in your weight in the last 6 months - speak to our Bra Whisperer! She will help ensure that you find your perfect size and recommend the best collections for you. The majority of discomfort which comes from a bra is when it is ill fitting, seeking professional advice is the best way to ensure a great fit!
Wearing a bra means that your boobs are lifted, supported and secure so that you can run to the door for all of those deliveries, wear any top on a zoom call or binge watch Emily in Paris without boob sweat and crumbs down your cleavage!
Our Boob Weight blog sure tells you how much your boobs weigh. So when you aren't wearing a bra just imagine the weight that is baring down on your shoulders and neck which will inevitably have a negative effect on your posture. We want to ensure that you walk out of isolation with your shoulders back and head held high!
The world isn't how we know it right now, but don't lose yourself! If you can, try to keep your daily routine. Wake up, brush your teeth, pop a feel good lingerie set on and an outfit which ensures that you radiate confidence. Even if no one else sees it, you do in every reflective surface so girl, be felling YOURSELF!
Remember, lingerie is often the first thing you put on in the morning and so it sets the tone for the entire day. Let that tone be uplifting, perfectly fitting, pretty, sassy, fierce - however you would like to feel! Pretty sure it won't be grey, ill fitting and old! Your lingerie drawer matters, as it is the foundation to every outfit - Curvy Kate always want women to feel fabulous about their curves!
Here are a few Curvy Kate Lingerie sets to see you through November and beyond...
1. UNWIND: The 'I just can't do wires right now' bralette.
2. WONDERFULL: The 'I just want comfort and support' underwired full cup bra
3. SMOOTHIE: The 'I just want a bra to go with everything from PJ tops to jumpers.' moulded balcony bra.
4. SHEER CHIC: The 'I need to remember who the F*** I am' non padded balcony bra!
5. Eye Spy: The 'I'm Zoom call ready' balcony bra
Want to know your bra size? Here is a direct line to our virtual bra fitter - the Curvy Kate Bra Whisperer!
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