Star in a Bra Search for New Curvy Kate Model

With the 2008 and 2009 Star in a Bra searches fighting the cause for plus size models, the Star in a Bra search 2010 is once again scouring the country for naturally curvy girls, who have the chance of becoming the face and body of Curvy Kate.

CK1 Princess

Although the UK’s average boob size is now above a DD and the average dress size a 16, many fashion brands still don't seem to relate to these statistics. Going against the grain, online retailer are helping us to find some new models who are a DD+, curvy, charismatic and confident with a fuller body and natural bust., the online discount lingerie store, receives regular requests from curvy women who want to see how various lingerie ranges look on a fuller, more natural figure. Responding to this request, Brastop began the search for a Star in a Bra to give their customers exactly this – a true representation of how a bra fits and looks on a bigger bust. We've now gotinvolved and the winner will model for Curvy Kate for a full year. Curvy Kate want to make real women modelling the norm, not just a novelty.
Laura Butler, Star in a Bra winner 2008 explains why she entered the competition. ‘Most lingerie brands either use stick thin girls or girls with fake boob and I could never figure out which bras would suit my shape. Curvy Kate has given me the opportunity to step into the spotlight and hopefully show how gorgeous a fuller figure can look in lingerie. It really kick started my modelling career and I still model with Curvy Kate and love all the shoots…and attention!’
Adriana, Product Developer explains why they started the search. “The response from last year’s competition was overwhelming. Not only from the amazing number of girls who applied, but also from the customers reaction to our models. We want to make the lingerie buying experience an enjoyable one and believe all women should feel happy with the package they have been given.”


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