#MyBodyVictory - Meet Lauren

Say hi to babe Lauren aka The Curvy Roamer one of the stars of #MyBodyVictory. The once a farmer now a Social Media Manager and fashion influencer is giving all the style vibes.

Lauren is giving insecurities the middle finger. She wants to inspire people through what she wears and wants to celebrate diverse bodies in the media.

Lauren in Victory Latte

'In my teenage years , even in my early twenties. I was always comparing myself to everyone else. All my friends were a size 10 or below at the time. I always compared myself to my smaller friends who had lots of confidence and could wear what they wanted to wear. I got to to the stage, where I thought screw this. I'm not going to compare myself to anybody else. I am who I am."

We totally agree Lauren! We are all different and should embrace our diversity. She left us with a great message to "to love what you have now". I think this is going to be our mantra going forward.

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