Becky is our amazing Production Assistant and for Mental Health Awareness month, she has jumped in to her Curvy Kate's and a little Scantilly to give us all reason to love our bodies whether we are mamas, mamas to be or on a journey to owning our body!

I was 23 when I had my first child, Tyler. I was young and had little idea of what to expect, your life changes overnight taking that pregnancy test. I had constant morning sickness, stretch marks in places I didn't know you could get stretch marks, giant veins popping up everywhere, hormonal spots and sore boobs exploding so much in size they can only be encased in unflattering bras.

I remember waiting for that Pregnancy glow you hear about, but I never felt like it quite came. I was quite shy about having photos taken and have sadly ended up with barely any photos of myself during this time.
pink lingerie
Then after he arrived it was hard not to feel worse, my once firm round baby filled tummy had turned into a jelly like empty mass, my boobs were even bigger, sore with my milk coming in (not to mention leaky!) The post hormone drop after birth was awful and although I was in a happy baby bubble, I’d still feel super down at points, which made it very easy to slip into a cycle of hating how I looked, forgetting what my body had achieved! I’d gown a tiny human!
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It took me a long time to accept my post baby body, lots of baby activities involve sitting around and eating lots of cake, plus breastfeeding can make you super hungry. I was eating too much, not moving enough and feeling rubbish.
non padded half cup bra
By the time I joined Curvy Kate 4 years post birth I’d been through periods of over and under eating, not exercising and exercising too much. I remember looking around being in awe of everyone’s confidence. I loved the inclusivity of body types used in the campaigns. It encouraged me to update my underwear drawer with cute matching Curvy Kate sets and I took the time to really learn what products flattered my body and made me feel good in myself.
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I started watching my colleagues taking part in the lingerie shoots with interest and thinking that if they could do it and feel good about themselves, I could too…. and I did! I volunteered for anything I could.
The peak of this for me was the ‘I am Curvy Kate’ Photoshoots in London. Being surrounded by around over 100 women all with beautiful, unique bodies, embracing every curve and rocking them was genuinely life changing and it’s given me a confidence to ignore that horrible niggling voice when it does come along. I now rock my body no matter what!
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Now 10 years after my first pregnancy, I’m pregnant again with a baby girl and my attitude is totally different. I’m releasing my inner Rhianna and embracing all the extra curves I have and I am not hiding away! Growing a baby is a massive undertaking for your body and should be celebrated, not hidden away.
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I do of course have some days like anyone where I put a certain outfit on and think ‘urgh’, but most days I’m looking at myself and smiling. I know all these changes are temporary and my body getting bigger is just a daily reminder that I’m growing a little human!
I do have moments of worry about how both my son Tyler and the new baby feel about their bodies as they grow, especially when they hit their teens, but I hope now I have the right tools and mindset to make sure I can do everything I can to educate them on how all bodies come in all different shapes and sizes and that’s a beautiful thing. I want both of them to believe that their bodies are beautiful no matter what and feel confident and happy in it no matter what!
My Top Tips for feeling good during pregnancy –
  • Exercise! It gets those good endorphins pumping around your body, I do some form of exercise 4-5 days a week for 20 – 30 minutes before getting ready in the morning. Remember even a walk around the block can get those endorphins going! Of course you must speak to your midwife before starting any exercise routine during pregnancy,
  • Treat yourself! You spend so much time and energy preparing for the new baby, what about you mama? Go for brunch with friends, buy something for yourself that makes you feel good, book a pregnancy massage, go on a date night with your other half! Think of you too!
  1. Update your Socials! In a world of filtering and image editing, try to follow accounts that make you feel good about YOU. Don’t get sucked in to comparing yourself ‘insta perfect images’ because they’re not real.
  • Talk to someone! If you’re having a down day, talk to your partner, a friend, your parents, a helpline, just don’t bottle it up. Talking about how you feel is so important to your mental health. A problem shared is a problem halved!
  • Wear the lingerie! Just because you’re pregnant does not mean you have to wear big greying pants with holes in and an unmatching bra. Grab yourself a couple of matching sets that make you feel good (just make sure you book a fit in with one of our ‘Bra Whisperers’ first.) Underwires are fine in pregnancy if the bra in well fitting, and our whispers will help with that. Failing that we have a selection of non wired bralettes that can still make you fab!
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Becky you are an inspiration!

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