Here are our self care top tips so that you can sparkle and shine!

1. Treat yourself to a great fitting bra, honestly ladies if your bra is niggling you, pinching, riding up or your boobs are spilling out - you will never feel 100% fabulous! Submit a virtual bra fitting form now and we can advise on a new bra size and which bra styles will best suit you!

Baby, you're a firework!

2. Take some time for YOU! Switch off your mind with some yoga, or perhaps do something you love, meet friends for a coffee (and cake), do a face mask! The possibilities are endless but take a moment to pause and do something nice for you. You will soon fill your cup and start to shine that bit brighter!


3. Detox your wardrobe! It is a great time to switch up your style, let go of items which you no longer wear and transition into the Autumn/Winter season knowing that everything in your wardrobe serves who you are right now!

Baby, you're a firework!

4. Cook yourself a warming and nutritious meal! As the nights draw in, we are often left feeling a little lethargic and run down. So, make sure that your meals fill you with goodness - pop on your favourite soundtrack and have a dance in your pants as you whip up a tasty creation! This will ensure you glow from the inside out.

5. Get cosy and have a good nights sleep. Our In My Dreams chemise supports your boobs through every toss and turn so that you wake up with them in the same position you went to sleep in! Finding your boobs under your armpit when your snooze alarm goes off is a thing of the past in this chemise, ladies! Wake up happy, vibrant, supported and ready to take on the day with a bang!
Baby, you're a firework!

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