Swimwear Confidence Take Two Swimwear Confidence Take Two Swimwear Confidence Take Two

Welcome to the Summer of BODY LOVE

Leave your comparison, judgement, self-doubt and negative thoughts at the door!

All of the Swimwear Confidence models

Curvy Kate have selected 11 customers to boost your confidence, educate you on cup sized swimwear and to show you just how the same bra size looks on different body shapes!

Often, we look at others and think I could never look like them, or question – “Why don’t I look like that in the same style?”

We will never look the same as another even if we are wearing the exact same size, in the same collection because body shapes are so different! Not only the shape, but the squishiness, the height, the colour, the texture, the firmness, the width – the list which makes us so perfectly individual goes on!

Across 6 bra sizes, 30D, 30HH, 32G, 36JJ and 38E,
We want to show you that curvy is a shape not a size.

Meet the Boob twins

(well perhaps more sisters but twins sounded better!)

Connie and Sophia both wear a 30HH! Connie and Sophia both wear a 30HH! 30HH - Connie and Sophia

Sophia wears a 30HH/10 and Connie a 30HH/14, both have very different body shapes but wear the same bra size for all the support and comfort! The ladies showcase how important it is to get that small back fitting and bigger cup to ensure maximum comfort. They had a blast meeting one another on the shoot day, Connie was up first in front of the camera and sure gave us a masterclass in how it is done!

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Lauren and Hannah both wear a 36GG! Lauren and Hannah both wear a 36GG! 36GG - Lauren and Hannah

Lauren and Hannah match bra and brief size (36GG/16) but are very different heights! It is great to see how the one pieces fit on both ladies and how confident they feel in all the collections. They sure bought the vibes with a dance break between every shot, we love to see it!

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Monica and Bami both wear a 32g! Monica and Bami both wear a 32g! 32g - Monica and Bami

A world renowned Twerk master and a Glam Mama, this pair really showed us how supportive our swimwear is through all the dances and poses! Bami wears a 32G/10 and Monica 32G/12, same size, different shapes and both bringing the positive vibes and energy!

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Megan and Sophie both wear a 38E! Megan and Sophie both wear a 38E! 38E - Megan and Sophie

One word, inseparable. These two boob twins sure built a deeper connection than just the same bra size on the shoot day. Sophie wears a 38E/20 and Megan 38E/18, both totally owned it with every look and loved meeting someone of the same bra size.

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Jackie and Beth both wear a 36J! Jackie and Beth both wear a 36J! 36J - Jackie and Beth

Oh my gosh it’s Jackie (36J/14) and Beth Lara (36J/18). Both declared that they always have the biggest t*ts in the room so to meeting each other was special! The ladies are the top end of the Curvy Kate swimwear cup size range and it is just fabulous to see them both shine in the same styles.

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Last but by no means least, we have our incredible Tina! She is wearing a 30D and we want to show you just how a 30D looks as one of our smallest sizes Curvy Kate has to offer.

Tina wears a 30d! Tina wears a 30d! 30d - Tina

If you or your friends have been wearing a 34B, 32C, 36A – this could be a game changing moment. One of our biggest fitting transformations come from women wearing these bra sizes and not realising that they need a bigger cup and smaller band.


to see if we can sprinkle a little D cup magic into your lingerie drawer and join Tina as her boob twin.

We want to see you feeling confident, showing the world just how your bikini looks on you or how you wear your swimsuit from beach to bar! Sign up to become a Curvy Kate Brand Ambassador (otherwise known as a Bra Bassador) today and start earning commission, points and freebies just from posting your holiday pic in Curvy Kate on the gram!

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