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Stars in Bras

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Announcing our Top 5 Stars in Bras

What a journey we have been on to find our stars. We were overwhelmed by the initial response of over 1000 gorgeous women who said YES to our fuller-bust model search callout earlier this year.

We have loved working with these amazing women over the last few weeks, who all truly embody the Curvy Kate spirit. We are so excited to reveal that our Top 5 Stars in Bras, who will be joining us on April 6th for our "Uplift Your Life" campaign shoot are...


Every stage of the process has been a joy for us to oversee and we are so proud of our Top 10 finalists, who all did an amazing job on their first lingerie photoshoot with us. Every one of our Top 10 finalists is a Star in a Bra and we look forward to working with all of them in the future.

Meet Our Top 5


We asked Caroline why she applied for Stars in Bras:

"Not been feeling great for the last few years and I've just got to a point in my life where I wanted to do something for me that gave me back my confidence and something exciting that was out of my normal life. I applied because it felt right."

Here’s what Caroline had to say following her first lingerie shoot with us:

"Wow!!! What an incredible day with incredible people. I had the best day with these awesome ladies and the amazing Curvy Kate, hair and make up, photography and @bridgemodels teams, and of course the gorgeous @paigepilgs. Thank you all so much for giving me such a fun and confidence boosting day. I'm so happy I applied for this competition"


We asked Ellie how she felt after the shoot:

"It’s so empowering, so good for the soul. Everyone has said how incredible I look, and I actually believe it today!"


We asked Molly why she applied for Stars in Bras:

"Boobs went up a couple of bra sizes over the last couple of years so trying to find a nice brand that caters to that and caters to women's bodies and makes beautiful lingerie that makes you feel good - I just wanted to be part of it basically."

Here's what Molly had to say following her first lingerie shoot with us:

"Thank you so much @CurvyKate for this opportunity, we had the most incredibly gorgeous day and what a wonderful experience to see not only women supporting each other but also see a brand show so much genuine love and support for women and their bodies."


We asked Tig why she applied for Stars in Bras:

"It's been something I wanted to do for so long, showing that strong, curvy bodies do exist and you can still move and shift and groove with boobs. I wanted to put that out to everybody"

Here's what Tig had to say following her first lingerie shoot with us:

"I know how you can feel so uplifted. By chucking 10 incredible women together in their lingerie all day and just embracing who you are. Truly have never felt as liberated as I did on Saturday on the incredible @CurvyKate #ckupliftyourlife shoot, bearing in mind I was in bra and knickers for the whole day, I felt more sure of me and my body without any regular clothes on than I do when I have. How bizarre.

There is something about having everything out there that doesn't seem uncomfortable, there is nowhere to hide, so what is, is and it's a beautiful feeling. Cannot thank Curvy Kate enough for this opportunity and for giving the curves a supportive and juicy space to thrive..."


We asked Wendy why she applied for Stars in Bras:

"I never had someone who looked like me, who showed me this but now I want to be that person for girls who look like me and to who are not so confident, my body looks different. I keep showing up so that you keep showing up.

Here's what Wendy had to say following her first lingerie shoot with us:

"All bodies are BEAUTIFUL!! And that was confirmed this weekend in London for the lingerie shoot with Curvy Kate.

I met gorgeous, beautiful, curvy, and kind souls this weekend. I swear I'm still on a high. We celebrated how unique and different we all are. I can't thank Curvy Kate enough for this mind-blowing experience and for FIRST OF ALL being the first lingerie brand that showed me there's nothing wrong with having a big bust, introduced me to lingerie that not only fits me well and gave me the support I had been craving for but also made it cute and sexy and faaaaabulous!"

All of our Stars in Bras finalists are ambassadors of confidence, empowerment and self-love. Over the last few weeks, we have watched these inspiring women go through a personal journey of celebrating themselves and each other. We are so proud of all of our stars!

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At Curvy Kate, we believe in the power of community to uplift and inspire.

By supporting the content created by our finalists and following them on social media, the Curvy Kate community can actively contribute to our mission of empowering women everywhere. Let's come together to celebrate their journey and spread the message of body positivity and self-love far and wide.

Through likes, shares, and encouraging comments, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of women around the globe. Together, let's make Stars in Bras more than just a campaign let's make it a movement of solidarity, confidence and inclusivity.

We would also like to thank everyone who has participated in the campaign and helped to make this a truly special celebration of body-positivity and self-love xxx

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