Fuller bust babes - we got you!

It is your Curvy Kate Bra Whisperer speaking.


I know that having big boobs can be frustrating at times, especially when you feel that you don't know where to shop or how to find your size. So, here is a quick guide to bra shapes, how to find your bra size and which lingerie styles are a must have for your BRA-drobe!

Bra shopping starts with the perfect fit, but how can you find your fit without trekking to a shop? I've got you babe, my team of Bra Whisperer VBF's (virtual bra fitters) are on hand to help find your size over the power of the internet whether you book a face to face video call or submit images via our Bra Whisperer form.
Things you need to know about bra shapes when buying lingerie online.

 Plunge Bra

If you are looking for less coverage, more cleavage and a lower centre gore (the wire bit between your boobs) then add the plunge bra to your basket! A plunge bra works perfectly for ladies who have full boobs, as your breast tissue will be brought into the centre of the bra.

A plunge bra is great for ladies who have close set boobs or skin sensitivity as the the lower centre gore means that it doesn't come up too high between the breasts and irritate the skin.

Ladies with less full top cup breast tissue may find that they often fall out of the middle of a plunge bra. This can be combated sometimes by going down a cup size but if that doesn't help, a balcony bra may be best for your shape.

Balcony Bra

We love a balcony bra as it gives a fabulous everyday shape! A balcony shape will lift the breast tissue from the bottom of your cup and pop the fullness into the top of you cup for a full, rounded shape. 

Some balcony bras like our Victory feature 'side support' which offers next level forward projection for ladies who feel their boobs sit 'East West'. Balcony bras look great under higher cut necklines as they fuller encapsulate the breast tissue, in a correctly fitted style your bust can also appear smaller thanks to the great fit.

Padded Balcony Bra

OK - so the padded balcony bra is for those of you who want the girls right where you can see them! Padded half cup styles really boost the bust upwards and put ALL of your breast cup fullness into the top of the bra. As our Bra Whisperer says, this style of bra can offer glorious domes of cleavage. 

This style of bra is best suited to trending milkmaid and square necklines style tops or even worn with plunging outfits so that your bra takes centre stage. Boost Me Up and Emboost are the best examples of this bra style and the sweetheart neckline works perfectly on every bust type to boost you UP!


The snatched look. The underwired body suit is a must have for every babe who wants to take a look from day to evening. The Lucky Star plunging bodysuit hugs your curves for the most amazing vibe, the vegan leatherette pours over your body. Lucky Star fits just like your bra, so opt for your usual bra and and the mesh will stretch to fit your curves!

A body suit is a great foundation to every outfit and it can be styled as outerwear with blazers, mesh tops and beyond! Wear it your way!

Soft Cup Bra

A soft cup bralette is the finishing touch to your bra-drobe! Every woman needs to feel the power of a perfectly fitting non wired bra, as they do exist! Just ensure that you get your usual bra size but if you find that you are at the fuller end of the bra size, for example a full 32HH - you may want to size up to the 32J/JJ as all Curvy Kate bralettes are dual sized.

Solutions Bra!

Tis the season to wear every outfit ever and not let your boobs hold you back! Top tip when buy a strapless bra? Get the fit right! It has to be firm, 100% of the support is coming from your back band so, the two finger tension method has never been so important! Make sure that the wires of your cup reach right around the breast tissue, as if they sit on the tissue this is when you get the pain and wanting to take off your bra half way through the party. We love Luxe and thousands of you do too, in fact we sell 99 of these strapless bras a day!

Curvy Kate Babes, do not take their bras off half way through a night! We are dancing until dawn, feeling supported and confident! The Superplunge multi-way is a bra of wardrobe dreams - the bra is able to transform into a halter, lower back and race back and the flick of a strap! Just remember to size down in the cup as it can come up big for more shallow busts!

Finally - you asked and we serve you with our debut front-fastening plunge bra! Superplunge Kiss takes the arm ache of putting a bra on with this front fastening clasp and once your boobs come together, the cleavage is INCREDIBLE!

Remember to scoop and swoop into every bra as this helps your breast tissue to sit perfectly, with minimum movement and fuss all day! The aim of a great fitting bra is to feel like you aren't wearing a bra at all.

Now that you are equipped with a little more online bra shopping knowledge for fuller bust babes, go forth and fill your carts

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