Why does my bra cause spillage?

As we’ve said many a time on the Blog finding a correctly fitting bra can be tough and if you’ve never had a bra fitting or it’s a long time since you’ve had one, then you can experience some issues or discomforts with your bra and not know why.

That’s where our new series of posts comes in. The “Why does my bra…?” series is here to help you understand the niggly issues you might be having and to help to iron out the problems by giving you solutions.

The issue we’ll be tackling this time is “Why does my bra cause spillage?”.

Ok so first things first, let’s establish what we mean by ‘Spillage’. Spillage describes those unsightly bulges you get sometimes when your boobs are adamant on escaping from your cups. They can appear at the front, the side or even the bottom....


Looks pretty uncomfortable right?! Well the majority of the time this occurs due to the cup being too small. In the first image (on the left), you can see the breast tissue is being squashed out by the wire. That means the wire isn't big enough and the cup should be increased so the wires sit further back. You may also need to tighten the back band and increase the cup size so the wires and cups are held in place be a more securely fitting back band.

The next image (middle) shows the breast tissue escaping from the top of the cups. Again this is usually due to the size of the cup and the need to increase it - Although remember check your back band before increasing the cup size. This issue can also be caused by breast type, if you're incredibly full on top you may find this happens even with bras that do fit you everywhere else. If this is the case opt for a style with a less rigid top cup, something like Ellace which has stretch lace across the cups will help.

Lastly, the end image (right) shows breast tissue coming out of the bottom of the cups. This doesn't necessarily mean that the cups are the wrong size but more that the back band is too large. If you can pull your back band out enough that your breasts fall out of the bottom then your back band is much too big. Drop a back size or two and then reassess your cup size (remember you need to increase the cup size by one size for every back size you decrease).

The issue of 'spillage' is one of the most common there are. It's mostly down to bra size but it can be affected by breast type and style of bra worn. It's useful to get to know what kind of breasts you have and choose a bra that works to support them the best it can. Have a read of our Breast Type blog post to help you understand what would be right for you.


If you want help with fitting and finding the correct size then have a watch of our fitting video here, or contact the Bra Whisperer where we can help point you (and your boobs) in the right direction.

Big Love x

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