Why do my bra straps keep falling down?

Bra straps keep falling down? It’s a very common, yet annoying issue many of us find. This article aims to answer why bras straps fall down and how to keep your bra straps slipping!

As we’ve said many a time on the Blog, finding a correctly fitting bra can be tough and if you’ve never had a bra fitting or it’s a long time since you’ve had one, then you can experience some issues or discomforts with your bra and not know why.

That’s where our new series of posts comes in. The “Why does my bra…?” series is here to help you understand the niggly issues you might be having and to help to iron out the problems by giving you solutions.

This week we’ll be tackling the issue of “Why do my bra straps keep falling down?”.

This is a problem that we see lots of different women suffering with can be cause by numerous factors. Below we'll explain this and how to keep bra straps from slipping...

Bra Straps not at the right length...

This is probably the most common reason why your bra straps keep falling down. Many women wear their bras over and over again but never think to adjust the straps. Every time you wear your bra, the sliders move a little, so it's important to adjust them to a 'two finger tension' every time. 'Two finger tension' means you can fit two fingers under the strap comfortably and they won't dig in or fall now. See our demonstration below...

Short Shoulders

This refers to the height between your boobs and the top of your shoulders. Every woman’s body is different, and some women find that straps are too long for them, therefore they need to be able to fully adjust their straps. Curvy Kate has different straps on different styles. The bra on the left is Centre Stage, this style has a J hook on the straps which means adjust-ability is increased and therefore works with bodies with a smaller distance between the breasts and shoulders. The image on the right is Victory Wild and this style has straps that can be adjusted the full length of the strap. Other styles like this include Smoothie, Victory and Lifestyle. Finding the right style for your body shape is an important factor in stopping your bra straps falling down!
Balcony bra Plunge bra

Narrow Shoulders

Narrow shoulders are another characteristic that can make things difficult when finding a bra that fits perfectly. If you have large breasts but are narrow in the shoulders, it can be very difficult to get a bra that has wide enough wires to support and narrow enough straps to stay securely in place. One way that you could tackle this is by using a J-clip on your bra straps or opting for a multi-way bra where the straps can be fastened various ways. Below we have the Super Plunge Multi-way on the left that can be fastened across the back and also in a halter style. On the right we have Smoothie Plunge which featured our 'J-clip' which works by hooking your bra straps together in the middle, meaning less slipping.

Superplunge mulitway bra and T-shirt plunge bra

Also try our latest Wonderfull Full Cup Bra which has brought in straps for additional comfort and less slippage!

Right Size, Fit & Style

Another common reason your bra straps keep falling down is that you are in the wrong size bra. It’s surprising how many women don’t know they are in the wrong size bra.
For example, the larger the band size, the wider the straps are. If your bra straps are sitting too far apart then you might need to go down a band size.
Style might also be causing your bra straps to keep falling down. You might enjoy wearing a plunge bra or balcony bra, but it could be affecting the way the bra straps are moving. For example, a plunge bra is designed to push your boobs in and up, so the bra straps are often closer together.
So there you have it, 4 reasons on why bra straps keep falling down. Have you tried any of the tricks above to make sure you have the perfect fit? If so let us know, or maybe there's a question that you're dying to know the answer to about bras or bra-fitting, ask our Bra Whisperer!

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