Why Do My Boobs Hurt?

Why Do My Boobs Hurt?

We’ve all had that annoying boob pain, you might even have it right now! That feeling of wanting to comfort your jugs of joy and tell them everything is going to be alright, then you realise you’re at work so you can’t really show them the love they need. Just not fair is it?

The struggle is all too real, from feeling like they’re on fire to a throbbing pulse. Boob pain is normal and happens to everyone for various reasons. So, here’s a list of explanations why your boobs might be hurting and some ways to resolve those niggling little pains.

Your period

Bit of an obvious one but damn do our nipples suffer before and during our period. The soreness, hyper sensitivity and the GROWTH is the first clue mother nature is about to come knockin’. This one can’t be helped I’m afraid but stuffing your face with chocolate and cheese might? Our Ellace Bra is the perfect companion for your Period Boobs - it stretches with your growth so you always have the perfect fit.

Curvy Kate Ellace Sets


You have joints, bones and muscles all underneath and near your boobs, so just like any area of the body if you’ve caused yourself an injury it’s gonna hurt! So be careful when in the gym or taking part in any straining activities 😉 You can take painkillers and get plenty of rest to help it heal, the NHS even suggests wearing a supportive bra will help with injuries around the breast area. Our Victory Bra is our first four-part cup that’s designed to push your boobs in and up, this could be the solution you’re after?

Your Bra Doesn't Fit Properly

We don’t mean to sound like a broken record at Curvy Kate but wearing the wrong bra can have serious consequences on your bosom and the area around it. If your bra is too big you won’t get the support those puppies need and they’ll be bouncing around all day causing the breast to feel tender. If it’s too small the underwire may be pushing against your chest and trust me that won't be comfortable. It’s just not worth the agg, so get fitted correctly ladies it will really changed the way you look at bras. If you hate getting fitted why not speak to our Bra Whisperer!


Pregnancy can make some women’s breasts and nipples hurt...a lot. Making a baby requires a cocktail of hormones in your body that can leave you with some serious ouchie boobs! If you’re experiencing breast pain with a side of nausea, a missed period or eating pickles dipped in ice cream then you might wanna pop into boots and get yo’self a 2 for £5 test girl!

These are just a few reasons why your lady lumps might be giving you bother, our friends at CoppaFeel are all about the importance of your touch, so if the pain seems irregular and persistent then please go to the doctor and get checked out!

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