Which of the 7 Lingerie Sins Are You?

Which of the 7 Lingerie Sins Are You?

We are all guilty of falling into the traps of the 7 deadly lingerie sins once in a while. Some sins we fall into more often than others. Mostly when there is tons of newness and we want it all!!

Are you scrolling through Curvy Kate every night looking for your next fix? Do you see the latest 'gram and have the unrelenting desire to fill up your basket? Are you refreshing the page to constantly to check if your fave style is back in stock? You girl are suffering from Lust.

You love newness so say hello to Lifestyle Petrol - keep fresh and underboob sweat free in our latest colourway.

Lifestyle Petrol

Here's the deal that none of us signed up to - our boob size changes constantly. So if you are still reaching for that 36F cup even though:

  • your weight has fluctuated
  • you are pregnant
  • you just had a baby
  • or any slight change (annoyingly)

You prob need to let go of that Pride drop the 36F and get another fitting! If your boob size changes throughout the month the solution is our beautiful Ellace range. The stretch lace adapts to volume change.

Ellace Navy/Wine

Yes the lazy ones among us, we are surprised you are still reading. You are guilty of a most heinous sin. Not looking after your lingerie. You shouldn't be bunging in your delicate lingerie with the rest of the wash! If you are guilty of this you are definitely a Sloth.

The sloths among us need a good basic, so check out Dottie Latte,

Dottie Latte

Dottie Latte is super cute and super simple, a no fuss bra with a neutral colour for the low-maintenance babe.

Are you looking at the D cup with green eyes? Then the K cup with even greener eyes? You may suffering from a little Envy but there is no need, we have so much choice so all you D+ girls can be happy.

Victory Wine

Victory comes in so many sizes so rejoice, oh and it comes in the brand new Wine colourway and we can't get enough.

Can't stop adding every item to your bag? We feel you. There is a sale? Why don't we add some more! We probably have all been falling in and out of this sin from time to time. I mean you can never have enough bras right? Right?


Oh there is something new? What is her name? Poppy? Yeah she is one of our new gals. Isn't she pretty? We must have her now. *Adds to basket*

Scrolling through your socials and see your sworn enemy in your fave set! You may feel the need to roll your eyes and screenshot, send it to your faves on whatsapp for a little moan! You may feel like dishing out some Wrath, there is a way around it though. Cleanse your sins with a new set and dish out the wrath by feeling fab.

Dottie Sangria

How could you not feel fab in this gorgeous new colour! Dottie Sangria is amazing! So pop on the lingerie and let your new set do the talking.

So you are adding in every colour to your basket. Oh and both Dottie's too? I think you have been bitten by Greed. Not that we mind, we want one each and every one too!

Which sin are you guiltiest of? Share below and shop πŸ‘‰ NEW IN πŸ‘ˆ

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