Which hook should you use on your bra?

Which hook should you use on your bra?

Which hook should you use on your bra? This is a common query but something so many people get wrong.

I'd say that wearing your bra on the wrong hook, fits into the same mistake category as not wearing the right size bra - it happens simply because people aren't given the tools to understand.

Now it isn't really about it being wrong to wear your bra on any one of the hooks, because obviously they wouldn't be there if they weren't designed to be used, however it's when the hooks are used which is the crucial point.

On typical bras there are 3 settings. If you were to check most women's bra the majority would be wearing their bras on the tightest hook. On some this may be ok but on most it won't be. That's because the tightest hook is designed to be used once your bra is old and worn out and the elastic has stretched. However most women are using this setting as their bra back band is just too large and the tightest setting is the best to make it feel as though it 'fits'. This is where the mistake is made.

When you buy a bra the back band should be firm fitting (you should only just be able to fit two fingers underneath) and the loosest setting should be the most comfortable. In fact I'd go as far as to say if you can fasten the tighter hooks comfortably in the first wear then drop down a back size! The two looser setting are then there for when your bra stretches out with wash and wear. They allow you to tighten the back band so that you get the same support as you did initially.

So there you have it. You should always start with the loosest hook and then tighten over time. It means you get maximum support and longevity out of your bras. Win/Win.

So what hook do you use? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter.

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