What you really want this Christmas...πŸŽ„

Santa Baby, slip a little Scantilly lingerie under the tree for me.

Listen up gift buyers! It is all about FIT, CONFIDENCE and FEELING YOURSELF this Christmas...

Tantric Balcony Bra

Here are our Bra Whisperer's top tips to getting it right when buying lingerie for a loved one during the festive season, it starts with them.

As the Bra Whisperer, it is of course very important that the lingerie fits. We always want the wearer to feel totally comfortable and supported, if they feel this way - it means they are only going to wear the set more! Which is a bonus for everyone involved. If you are not sure of your loved ones sizes, you have a few options:

Indulgence Bodysuit

1. Keep it to non cup-sized options, our After Hours and Indulgence collections are based on brief sizes which can often be easier to work out! So pop a little soft cup decadence under the tree, will it be the bodysuit, teddy or slip which they will unwrap on Christmas Morning? All available in sizes S-XL.

After Hours Nightwear

2. Another wonderful way to add the sexy into the festive season is with accessories, yet again these have a wider size range as they are one size so if you are unsure - Rules of Distraction is a safe bet plus it is unbelievable and lifts even the most simple set of lingerie but perhaps, best worn alone.

Rules of Dsitraction

3. Take the bra fit quiz, you can either suggest it as an activity for your loved one to do. Or take it for them, observing the bra that they are wearing and seeing what size they would come out with! It could well be a risky move but it may also pay off for the best fit EVER!

Fascinate Basque

3. SHOPPING TRIP! Take them shopping, with a stop off at a bra fitting retailer like Bravissimo. Make it a fun experience so that they can find their size, try on styles that they love and create a wish list!

Exposed Plunge Bra

When it comes to lingerie, buying their new favourite set should be at the top of mind. Who wants to spend money in todays economic climate on something they will wear once? Not us! This is what is So amazing about Scantilly, the collections are fiercely sexy when worn alone but they offer great shape, comfort and support that they can be worn on the daily under or as part of their outfit! Always remember that confidence is the sexiest thing someone can wear and confidence comes from feeling comfortable.

Exposed Ochre

Shop the entire Scantilly collection or even make a wish list which you can share with your partner to make sure you get what you really want this Christmas!

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