Underboob Sweat? Lifestyle to the Rescue!

Underboob Sweat? Lifestyle to the Rescue!

Underboob sweat? NO THANK YOU! We try our best to avoid any discomfort when we are adjusting to seasonal changes, and we think we have the solution to bras and hotter weather. The last thing we want is a sticky hot bra clinging to our skin in the sweltering heat.

Yes some of us are lucky enough to toss our bras aside in the summer to avoid that dreaded band of sweat. But not everyone is that lucky! Ladies with larger busts continue needing support for their heavy jubblies. So we offer a solution to this sticky situation.

Say hello to Lifestyle, our sports-luxe styled bra. If you are on the move or lounging around in the sun, it still offers the correct support to avoid a multitude of aches; and hey it looks fab!

Lifestyle Black and Latte

The sexy plunge bra shapes and complements and flatters low cut tops. The sexy sheer mesh fabric used is lightweight so you can keep it breezy and avoid any unnecessary boob sweat, keeping you fresh and looking cool. Lifestyle also has fully adjustable non-slip straps to ensure that you have a great fit, the straps also have a stylish circular design detail. So even if your summer clothing shows off your bra you will still look stylish. No more granny bra peeking through,

We want all our CK ladies and their girls to be feeling happy, fresh and light this summer ;)

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Which style is your fave style for the sun? Let us know below x

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