This Trick can Change Your Cup Size by up to Two Sizes!

This Trick can Change Your Cup Size by up to Two Sizes!

If you're familiar with bra fitting then you may have heard the term 'Scoop and Swoop' being tossed around. It's a term that refers to a technique used to make sure all your breast tissue is in your cup and that you're wearing the correct size. Not only can it change the fit of your bra but it can also change your cups size dramatically. In fact we did a whole blog post on the method which you can read here, or you could watch our video below:

Now the previous blog post and the video only include one woman and we wanted to show that this technique works across the board. If you or any other woman tries this technique then it will more than likely change how your bra fits and even more importantly change your cup size. However, the thing to remember is that all boobs and bodies are different and this can change how they fit in bras and react to readjustments. Check out our images below with 4 different women to see how the 'Scoop and Swoop' method changed their bra sizes...

Firstly we put each of the models in a bra size that appeared to fit at first glance, photograph it and then carried out the 'Scoop and Swoop' technique and recorded the results. Below is our first model who tried a 32G...

Model One - 32G Before Scoop and Swoop

Model One - 32G After Scoop and Swoop

As you can see the change is pretty severe! In the top images the bra (to the untrained eye) does appear to fit. There isn't really any spillage and the cup looks to be encasing all the breast tissue. However after carrying out the Scoop and Swoop Technique the breasts are brought forward and up and they are now spilling over the top and sides of the cups. The wires are no longer sitting flat and the straps are digging in. It is now clear that the bra no longer fits.

So next up we tried 2 cup sizes up, in a 32H...

Model One - 32H Before Scoop and Swoop

Model One - 32H After Scoop and Swoop

As you can see from the top images the bra looks too big, it's gaping and the breasts aren't fully filling the cups. However once the Model 'Scooped and Swooped' the bra now fits perfectly! All her breast tissue is contained and the wires are sitting flat against the ribcage. Woohoo!

Bra worn by Model one is Daily Dream Aqua.

Next up, we tried the exact same thing with our second model...

Model Two - 28E Before Scoop and Swoop

Model Two - 28E After Scoop and Swoop

As you can see from the first images the 28E appeared to fit until she 'Scooped and Swooped' and then her breasts were no longer contained.

We then upped the cup size by two sizes to a 28FF and this is what happened...

Model Two - 28FF Before Scoop and Swoop

Model Two - 28FF After Scoop and Swoop

In the first pictures the bra looked to be a little too big, it was gaping and puckering, however once our model pulled her boobs into the cups she completely filled them. Increasing her bra size by 2 cups sizes.

Model two wears our Princess Plunge Flamingo Bra.

Our third model took on the 'Scoop and Swoop' challenge and here are the results...

Lastly we had our third model try the method...

Model Three - 32FF Before Scoop and Swoop

Model Three - 32FF After Scoop and Swoop

Our third model has one boob larger than the other, as you can see her left boob (our right) is spilling and pushing the cup down. However this aside the top images don't look too bad, we've seen many more women wearing bras that fit worse than this one. However when she swoops her breasts into the cups we find that she spills even more from the front and sides and the cups are buckling under the weight of her boobs - indicating a definite need for a larger cup.

We increased the cup by two sizes and these are the results...

Model Three - 32GG Before Scoop and Swoop

Model Three - 32GG After Scoop and Swoop

The top images don't look too bad, the cups gape a little at the straps but really all the breasts are contained. The thing that stands out is the lift the bra gives. Once our third model adjusts her boobs into the bra properly, the cups sit higher and lift her boobs giving a more rounded shape. It would probably be good to mention that this bra (Ellace), is great for asymmetrical boobs/boobs that fluctuate in size. Our model's boobs looked dramatically different in size in the beginning but now shes in a correctly fitting bra and has adjusted appropriately you would never know - that's the sign of a good bra!

Our last model wears our Ellace Indigo Bra.

Here's a diagram of how the Scoop and Swoop technique works...

So overall, as you can see, adjusting your boobs and making sure they are fully pulled up and in from under your armpits can make a huge difference to the fit of your bra, the comfort of your bra and the size you need. If you need any more information on the Scoop and Swoop technique then visit our other blog here or watch our video on how to get the method right.

Lastly if you are having issues with finding the perfect fit or have questions about bra fitting then head to our online Fitting Room for all the tips and tricks.

Thanks for reading, Big Love xxxx

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