This is Boob.

This is Boob.

As you probably know (mainly because we repeatedly tell you) over 90% of women are in the wrong bra size. As a bra fitter, I see many different reason where women go wrong when trying to find the correct size, however I believe underestimating how much of your chest is actually breast tissue is probably one of the most common.

Many women don't realise that their breasts actually start quite far back under their arm pits, and because of this then opt for a cup size that is much too small. As you can see in the diagram below this is how many women wear their bras, leaving the area marked in white uncovered and unsupported, which in turn means the wires are sitting on breast tissue which can be bad for breast health and cause rubbing/pain.

So ladies, This is Boob. The pink line represents how far back the model's breast tissue sits and all of this should be encased in the cup to gain maximum support and comfort.

So as you can see in the above image, the bra selected has enough room in the cup for all the breast tissue to be contained and for the breasts to be lifted and rounded without and bulging and gaping. The back band is firm and horizontal helping to make sure the cups and wires stay securely in place and don't move around.

So if you're finding that your wires are digging in or you don't feel that all your breast tissue is contained within your cup then you may need to decrease your back band size and increase your cup size.

If you'd like help with finding the correct size then visit our online Fitting Room for more tips and tricks on finding the correct size. You can even speak with our experienced Bra Whisperers who can virtually fit you online.

Big Love.

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