The Bra Fitting Technique You Need to Know...

The Bra Fitting Technique You Need to Know...

We live the boob life at Curvy Kate and want nothing more than to help you lovely lot find the perfect fit. Buying anything online can be difficult and lingerie is certainly no exception. Will it fit? Will it suit me? these are the usual questions that run through our minds as your items sit patiently in your basket. Even with all the helpful fit tips we've fed you with over the last 9 years, 80% of you are still wearing the wrong size bra and we won't stop until our mission is complete. So buckle up girls and get ready for more bra fitting techniques!

Firstly it's important to get to know the bras you're wearing so here are the Important BitsπŸ‘‡ Grab your bra and get familiar with the straps, wings, wire, cup, cradle and under-band.

The Important Bits

Now, does your bra fit you? Let’s assess using the TACK, BACK and STRAP bra fitting technique!

1. TACK: Does the bra TACK back to the rib cage around the whole length of the wire?

2. BACK: Is the BACK band level with the front and parallel to the floor?

3. STRAP: Can you slide no more than 2 fingers under the STRAP?

If all 3 of these are happening, you are wearing the correct bra size! YAS!

If not, you can try these Bra Troubleshooting solutions.

Why not watch our How to get the Perfect Fit with Curvy Kate video for help? πŸ‘‡

And for more Bra Fitting Tips head to the website:

If you EVER need help or advice with bra fitting or bra styles to suit your bust please don't hesitate to contact us! We got your back...

And now you know your size, shop Curvy Kate Lingerie and Swimwear online πŸ‘‰


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