The 8 stages of the bank holiday weekend!

The 8 stages of the bank holiday weekend!

We're SO ready for the August Bank Holiday! Three days off from early mornings, rushed breakfasts and stressful days. YAS! Bank Holiday weekends are always exciting and can be an emotional roller-coaster, but babe, you just gotta ride it! Now we're not saying everyone is a boozer, but on rare occasions like these one must make an exception πŸ˜‡

The 8 stages of the bank holiday weekend! (in the form of GIFs, because we can all relate, right?)

Friday afternoon: You leave work early and head to nearest pub for that well eared drink or two or three...

Saturday: You wake up feeling a little worse for wear, probably shouldn't have had those shots! You got the entire weekend to look forward to girl - nothing food can't fix!

Saturday night: Time to get ready for your big night out with the girls *smoulder, smoulder, pose*

Saturday late night: After excessive drinking and dancing, one must sober themselves up with pizza so you don't feel awful for tomorrow (Sunday is new Saturday remember!)

Sunday Morning: Yeah, that hangover smell will follow you around all day, even after a shower - just saying...

Sunday Night: You feel like death but still force yourself out, only to have the best time, simply because it's Sunday and you don't have work tomorrow! πŸŽ‰

Monday morning: You have FINALLY given into the hangover of all hangovers and your liver just unfollowed you on Instagram. Ouch...

Monday evening: Then anxiety hits, work tomorrow. Oh and not another Bank Holiday till Christmas 😭

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