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Starting off our interviews this week we have the gorgeous Emily Jones. Emily is the Star in a Bra new girl after she replaced an entrant who sadly had to back out due to work commitments, so everyone give her a warm welcome, maybe with some votes?

Star in a bra top thirty Emily JonesHi Emily! Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

Hi there! My name is Emily, I am 20 years old and I live in Surrey. I work in an imaging department of a hospital as a technician. I've been in the job for 6 months and absolutely love it, and it has completely cured my fear of needles and anything slightly gory....almost! I like to think I'm quite a happy go lucky kind of girl, who's always up for going out to the pub for a beer or a cocktail, or for a meal with my lovely boyfriend. The most important things to me are being with my family, my boyfriend and getting cuddles from my rather cute dog Benny!

Think you could cure my needle fear?! How did you find out about the competition this year?

I actually entered last year after my mum found it and mentioned it to me. Last year I got through to the top 30 but didn't get any further, so after a bit of persuasion from family and friends, I thought why not got it another go! I may get lucky this year!

We're bet you're glad they managed to convince you to give it another shot! Why did you decide to enter again?

Since I was young I had bigger boobs but it was only when I got to about 18 that the rest of my body caught up and I filled out to become alot more of a 'curvy kate' (with a lot of help from having a bunch of foodies for friends!) I love being curvy though, and that's why when I heard of the competition I loved the idea of normal everyday girls getting the chance to do something like this! Also I think it's much better when you're buying a bra to see it on someone like you, there's nothing worse when you see a model who is stick thin and you think 'well I'm really not going to look like that, am I?!' I would much rather see a girl whos got lovely boobs, hips and a bum to show that yeah if you buy this you can look good like this.

That's a very good point Emily, that's why we think Star in a Bra is the perfect way for our customers to let us know who they want to see modelling our products. Despite entering before, we can imagine submitting your entry was still nerve wracking! How did you feel?

I was quite nervous, because of not getting through last year I kind of thought I shouldn't go in for it again, but then when I got the phone call I was so happy because I thought I wouldn't get another chance!

And how about when you found out you'd made it through to the top thirty?

It's such a great feeling to know people have picked you to go through and that they obviously see something in you. However, when I saw the photos of the other girls it was pretty scary because they're all really pretty girls, with some brilliant curves. But when you see what all the girls are like, commenting on each others pictures, supporting each other with it, you can tell how nice they all are so that made me relax alot more.

Definitely - it's great to see everyone supporting each other despite all competing! One last question Emily - why should people vote for you to go through to the top ten?

I would absolutely love to get through to the top ten because I've seen what previous winners have said about it and it seems to be such a fantastic experience to get to do something like this. I was always a bit self conscious about having bigger boobs but now I've learnt to love them. Some people pay thousands for what us girls have got for free! So why not give me the chance to flaunt being a curvy girly?

Thanks Emily!

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