Should I wear a bra in isolation?

Should I wear a bra in isolation?
To wear, or not to wear a bra!

It is one of the most debated loungewear subjects of self isolation! And ladies, you know what we are going to say – keep that bra on!

We found this quote from the Mail online which gives us even more reason to wear one:

“Dr Riccardo Frati of Frati Cosmetic Surgery told FEMAIL: The bra will always support and hold up the breasts and not wearing one can affect the Coopers ligament. Breasts will also naturally sag over time due to age and gravity. “

Curvy Kate Bra Whisperer, Katie Weir continues as to why we shouldn’t go braless for the entirety of self isolation:

Without a bra we bear the entire weight of our boobs, which can lead to premature sagging, poor posture and neck ache. D cups weigh in at 1150g, G cup weigh 2300g, and J’s 2990g – you sure need to give the girls a little support so that they aren’t self isolated for the long run!”

Our Curvy Kate Bra Whisperer has seen many comments on wearing a bra vs not wearing a bra whilst in isolation and so we have compiled, our top tips for finding the right bra for you whilst you #StayHome:

“I’m not leaving the house, so why wear a bra?”

During uncertain and forever changing times like we are in, it is so important to keep a level of routine and self care. Especially for those who are now working from home at perhaps a desk which isn’t their usually set up, we need to ensure we do everything we can to maintain good posture throughout.

If you do find yourself sat down a lot opt for a our lightweight mesh Lifestyle bra, it is underwired but the bra is such a light frame that when perfectly fitted it really does have a barely there feel. Lifestyle just launched in this delectable Cantaloupe colourway too which is perfect for putting a little brightness into your day! Simply treat putting on your lingerie as part of your routine and make yourself smile with the set that you choose and how great you feel!

“I’m done with underwires on lockdown.”

We understand that Netflix and chilling may lead to series binging and movie marathons so if you find yourself in the recline and rest position quite often, you may want to opt for a non wired bra without compromising on support! Our Unwind bralette is the hero to self isolation, the non-wired bra offers great uplift, forward, projection and shape plus it super comfy and breathable to a J/JJ cup! The cute key hole detailing and underband make Unwind a fabulous bra to wear with joggers alone or layered under a onesie!

“I know I need support but I worry my wires will dig in.”

Girl, we got you! Our DelightFull collection was designed with comfort at the forefront of its innovation! The DelightFull full cup bra features ‘Cushion Comfort’ tabs which protect from underwire pinching, the underband has a gorgeous cross over centre front and the power mesh wings are wider for even more comfort to a 46″ back.

“I still want to serve the sass and sex appeal even in self isolation.”

You need to meet our naughty little sister, Scantilly – she will have you feeling fierce from bedroom to kitchen! The DD-HH cup collection features Harnessed, a vegan leather padded half cup bra along with the sultry feels of Encounter and our power-house stretch lace body, Indulge Me Scantilly gives you a whole lot of OOOMPH!

“I am just so uncomfortable in my bra, help!”

This is why our Bra Whisperer is so important, times like this when you can’t get to a shop for a bra fitting – simply upload three images of yourself wearing your bra from the front, side and back. Fill our the rest of the form and she will get back to you in 48 hours:

Stay home, shop the Curvy Kate and Scantilly collections online.

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