#MyBodyVictory - Meet Jennifer Okolo

#MyBodyVictory - Meet Jennifer Okolo

Get to know the super cute Jenny! Jennifer is one of our stars of the #MyBodyVictory and runs a women empowerment blog SheAspiresUK and is also a Be Real Ambassador! She is all about that girl power! Jennifer plans to become a Occupational Therapist now she has graduated.

Jenny told us that her insecurities grew during her time at school, "When you are at school you compare yourself. I was self-conscious of my legs because I had eczema. I went to school where I had to wear skirts. It was very difficult for me, but I just decided to embrace it."

Jenny in Victory Black

Embracing her difference allowed Jenny to build on her self-confidence."Me having a different shade of legs, or looking different to everyone wasn't a bad thing. Different doesn't mean bad. It's a good thing."We totally agree we should all embrace our differences!

Remember you can also enter to win by using the #MyBodyVictory on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can catch the competition deets and T&C's here x

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