ANSWERED: FIVE of the most searched boob and bra queries on the internet!

ANSWERED: FIVE of the most searched boob and bra queries on the internet!

Today marks 30 years of the internet and nearly 10 years of Curvy Kate searchin' as it's our birthday in June! So, we wanted to celebrate by helping a babe out and shedding some light on your top 5 most searched questions on our website…

  1. Are my boobs normal?

Darling, the most important thing we can say to this question is… learn what is normal to you. The best thing about boobs are that no two are the same and this should be celebrated! So, stop worrying about how they ‘should’ look and just get to know yours and what’s normal to YOU, we are talking much more than aesthetics, take time to touch, feel and love your boobage so that you can track any changes. Our friends over at CoppaFeel! can most certainly help you with advice on all things boobs so that you can live your breast life.

CoppaFeel - Boob Check

  1. How do bra sizes work?

Great question. Bra shopping online can be a minefield especially when you have to convert your bra size from country to country and then we start to talk about sister sizing. That said, with every bra style that you click on, a handy grid appears so that you can see the bra size guide!

Not sure of your bra size? We have copious amounts of bra fitting material on our blog which walk you through fittings and what to look for in a bad fit and good fit bra…. just click here.

  1. Curvy Swimwear?

We know that Curvy Kate Babes want to be supported from Beach to Bar around the world and so we have an extensive ranges of swimwear styles. We have balcony, halter, and bandeau bikini tops, tankinis and swimsuits matched perfectly with shorts, high waist briefs and tie sides so that you can get the look you really want poolside this summer.

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Our swimwear runs in a wide size range of 28”-44” D-K cup, so girl we got you covered! Our favourite collection RN? We are digging Wrapsody, this little black swimsuit offers infinite looks for jet set style!

  1. DD Boobs

Curvy Kate and Scantilly are both D + cup sized brands, D is where we start our collections and with DD being one of the most searched sizes…it has us wondering if you are wearing the correct size!

How would you know?

On the high street – DD is often the biggest bra size which retailers sell and so women often think that because they have ‘big’ boobs they are a 34DD/36DD/38DD. Truth is that as they may wear a size UK 10 and wear a size 34DD bra that in actual fact when wearing a fuller bust lingerie brand, their size would be more like a 30F/30FF. The Bra Whisperer tells us about her experience in DD’s:

“Of course, there are many ladies who wear a DD after having a professional fitting but as we have found out it is also one of the most common ‘bad fit’ sizes. Many of my bra transformations have started out as a DD and ended up much further into the alphabet after a professional fitting! One of my most favourite fittings was a lady who thought she was a 38DD and after a professional fitting in Victory, she transformed into a 36G, brimming with confidence as her bust was no longer squashed into tiny cups that dug in!”

Take a look at our bra fitting blogs to check that you are wearing the right size, click here.

5. What is Kim Kardashians Bra Size?

This question has generated quite the amount of searches and so we have spoken to the Bra Whisperer who has a super power of guessing bra sizes and more often than not, being correct! The Bra Whisperer says:

“Based on Kim’s petite frame and height, I would say that she would be a UK 28G/30FF, I think that Kim would be a fan of Scantilly, particularly Censored for those headline grabbing social media posts! I would also highly recommend a Luxe strapless for versatility with all of her outfit changes!”

Here’s to 30 more years of being able to search celebrity bra sizes, online bra fittings, buying a bikini last minute and understanding that all boobs are normal!

Praise the lord for the search bar!

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