Lottie L'amour: 5 ways to bat away your body demons!

Lottie L'amour: 5 ways to bat away your body demons!

If you’ve seen me around on social media, you’ll know that I’m a stickler for body positivity. If I’m not raising a fist in solidarity with my bo-po sisters on Twitter, I’m prancing around in my Curvy Kate lingerie on Instagram for the world to see. But how does a size 24, visibly fat woman like me get the confidence to do such a thing? Well, I’m about to drop a knowledge bomb on you right here, and it might not be the one you’re expecting…

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I’m not confident.

Well, sometimes I am - but not all the time. Now and then, I sigh when I see my body in the mirror. I get that overwhelming feeling of wanting to hide myself away in the biggest, comfiest jumper I own. Other times though, you’d think I was the world’s most body confident woman watching me twirl around in my pants in front of the camera. You’d be fooled into thinking that I am 100% bo-po, 100% of the time but my friend, that is not the case. I have days where I feel unstoppable that’s for sure, but equally I have days where all I want to do is change everything about me. Confidence is a myth when it comes to body positivity - but that’s the magic of it!

The key is to remember that body positivity is a journey rather than a destination. You’re going to have good days and bad days, it’s all a part of the process. Here’s some top tips on what to do on your more body negative days to remind yourself that you are one awesome human being!

1 - Remember why you embraced body positivity

It’s so easy to get lost in your thoughts when you’re feeling a bit down on yourself. Cast your mind back to the day you decided to be kinder to your body - or if you can’t pin-point it, go and check out the social media accounts of body positive babes you follow and get some inspiration! Think about how you felt when you first found body positivity and reignite that flame. A down day doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it means you’re human - it’s what you do on the good days that truly counts!

2 - Do a social media audit...

It’s always loads easier to feel positive when you surround yourself with positivity. Whether it’s bo-po babes, fluffy kittens or pictures of your nearest and dearest, make sure your social media feeds are filled with positive influences. Rid yourself of any body negativity in your feed by doing an unfollowing spree - remember, you deserve to exist free of ridicule or upset - so feel empowered to do a spring clean of the influences you have around you from time to time!

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3 - ...or just log off for the day

If a social media spring clean can’t be on the cards, having a day away from the internet can work wonders. Why not spend the time having a pamper with some homemade face masks and a nice hot bath? If chilling out isn’t your vibe, get outside and go for a nice long walk - whether it’s a quick nip to the local shop for treats or a long stroll through the glorious countryside, let the fresh air fill your lungs and enjoy living life unplugged for the day. And if you really miss the social media world, take loads of photos of your day to upload when you’re back online and brag about your day off the grid!

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4 - Get all dressed up...or undressed up!

Never underestimate the absolute power of a slick of red lipstick, a good playlist, a sexy dress and a great set of lingerie. Sometimes all it takes is the decision to make yourself look at your very best by spending some time on yourself when you get ready to be the best version of you that you can be. If you can’t get all dressed up to the nines, wear a nice bright colour and let the hues brighten your mood - or failing that, stick a great song on really loud, wear some foxy lingerie and wiggle your bum!

5 - Remind yourself that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Whatever your skin tone, whether you’re straight-sized or plus-sized, old or young, abled or disabled - your body is enough. Although you might be feeling a bit down about your body today, remember that this feeling is temporary. You are capable of feeling fantastic and you will feel fantastic again soon. Be kinder to yourself, remove the pressure to feel 100% all of the time and remember you’re a badass babe!

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So what tips are you going to be doing to feel that little bit better today? If you’re struggling, pop on over to Curvy Kate and treat yourself to some new lingerie, or find your way over to my Instagram page and drop me a DM so I can tell you how incredible you are!

Love, Lottie L'amour

Big Love! x

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