Once they're gone, they're gone! It's the final days of sale and we're bringing you our Virtual Bra Fitter's top picks for a guaranteed perfect fit!

Remember, if you haven't had a bra fitting with one of our amazing team of VBFs, you can book in for a virtual bra fitting or send in a form here & one of our expert VBFs will get back to you!

“Twice the Fun is reversible which means two bralettes for the price of one! The pink/purple is a banging combination and one which I just can’t wait to put on in the morning to set my mood. Positive vibes only!”

“I am wearing Wonderfull ALL the time! Being a K cup, it is just so comfortable thanks to the wide back band, unique cushion comfort tabs and stretch top cup. The whole bra just hugs and holds my boobs!”
“Since becoming a VBF, I am really embracing wearing bras with a little extra detail! I love to wear Victory Pin Up with my daily looks to add je ne se quois, the over bust harness frames my curves so beautifully and it is the same great fit as my trusted Victory!”
4. Newbie Rosie @rosiecurvykatevbf picks our Cocoa Unwind Bralette!
“Unwind, you got me! I love this bralette, zero wires, cute design and the neutral tone pairs perfectly with my autumn wardrobe! I love that I can wear this bra from the sofa to the shop and beyond! It’s comfy, supportive and in my size as it runs to a JJ cup.”

5. Another new girl on the block, Eleanor @eleanorcurvykatevbf picks Submission by Scantilly!

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“OK. Submission, you are in command of my daily vibe! When I put this Scantilly set on in the morning, I feel like such a BOSS! The embroidery, the sheer mesh and the satin harness details give me LIFE!”
6. Last but not least, our Bra Whisperer Katie @weirwonderful picks Victory Turquoise! 
“Victory doesn’t play when it comes to forward projection, no more ‘east west boobs’ ladies – it’s all about being as upfront, bold and bright as this turquoise hue! When I say Victory fits like a glove, I mean it.”

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