These celebrities are all D+ and don't even know it...

As you probably know 80% of (or more) women are in the wrong bra size, and this issue does not discriminate, it's not just a problem for everyday people but it's a real issue for Celebrities too!

As Curvy Kate's resident 'Bra Whisperer' (I have the mystical talent of being able to tell a woman's bra size just by looking), I thought I'd put it to the test and show that there is a long list of celebrities who don't believe their boobs to be the size they really are. Most of the women in this list below would be classed as having 'small' busts and opt for B/C cups but in reality they could all easily wear bras that are D cup or larger if they wore a correctly fitting back band. So here goes...

Kylie Jenner

Media Size: 34C

Bra Whisperer/Real Size: 30G

Kylie Jenner's Boobs, which are arguably becoming more famous than her older, half-sister Kim's, are always subject to scrutiny, but real or not these bad boys need a well fitting bra. Kylie has a very small ribcage and waist and her back band size should reflect this. A 30 would fit much more snugly and a G cup would give her ample lady lumps much more room.

Selena Gomez

Media Size: 32B

Bra Whisperer/Real Size: 28E

Selena is one of the many celebs to fall into the '32B trap', it seems to be the typical size that a lot of these women want to force themselves into regardless of what would be the best fit. Selena has a very petite body and her boobs are fairly large in comparison to her size. A 28 back would give snug support and an E cup would allow her boobs to get the lift and shape they deserve.

Cara Delevingne

Media Size: 32B

Bra Whisperer/Real Size: 30DD

To say that Cara is probably dressed by some of the leading fashion houses in the world, she's still falling short in the bra fitting category. She opts for a 32B when really she needs a tighter back band and bigger cup size. A 30DD should do the job.

Pixie Lott

Media Size: 32C

Bra Whisperer/Real Size: 30D

Ohhh Pixie. Now I found that Pixie wears a 32C on the internet however this image looks more like she might be wearing a 32A and hardly any of her poor boobs are contained in the little red number. Those wires need to be much wider, starting in between her boobs and finishing right under her armpits. This is why a 30D would be much better.

Gigi Hadid

Media Size: 32C

Bra Whisperer/Real Size: 28F

Again, Gigi the super model is dressed by A-list stylists and designers but seems to be missing the mark when it comes to her bra size. She is incredibly tall and very slim, I wear a 32" back and wear a size 14 so there is no way she could possibly measure 32" around her ribs. I think a 28F would give her the perfect support.

Britney Spears

Media Size: 32C

Bra Whisperer/Real Size: 30E

It's the age-old story with Britney too, she needs to decrease her brand size and increase her cup size to make sure all her breast tissue is contained within her cups.


Media Size: 32B

Bra Whisperer/Real Size: 30DD

Rihanna is famous for not really wearing bras but if she is going to wear one then she should make sure it's right. Again tightening up the back band will make sure the bra is sitting where it should and increasing the cup size ensures all the breast tissue is contained.

Salma Hayek

Media Size: 36C

Bra Whisperer/Real Size: 30H

This busty beauty is apparently a 36C?! It seems that the industry think that if you have a fuller bust that you just expand the back size until you find a bra that will house your boobs but really the most important thing is to get the correct back size and this then allows you to find the correct cup size that matches. Salma needs a tight back band (a 30) around her underbust and then a large enough cup (a H cup) to hold her bust and support it.

Blake Lively

Media Size: 32C

Bra Whisperer/Real Size: 30F

Again Blake is much too small to be wearing a 32 back and needs something smaller to make sure she is giving her bust the correct support. She also needs a larger cup to contain her boobs which are now much fuller after having children.

So there you have it, a round up of celebrities who would never believe that they're over a D cup but who should all be wearing sizes that mean there cup is above this size.

Do you suspect that you're in the wrong size? If so and you'd like the help of the Bra Whisperer then head to our Online Fitting Room for more tips, videos and even an image upload area where I will be able to respond with a size suggestion.

Big Love x

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