It’s time to put your bra back on ladies!

It’s time to put your bra back on ladies!
With a slight ease in lockdown, we find ourselves putting on ‘normal clothes’ and that so called ‘least used item of 2020’ is making a major comeback – THE BRA!

Your quarantine might have gone a little like this:

Week One – still dress in every day clothes.

Week Two – order multiple tracksuits.

Week Three – wear your bra less and loungewear more.

Week Four – what day is it?


If you feel uncomfortable in your bras due to a little isolation fluctuation, don’t worry! Here are the steps to finding your most comfortable bra yet. It is so important to have a professional bra fitting every 6 month so with the world being in lockdown for at least three months, it is sure time to make sure you have the perfect fit! Submit a form to our Bra Whisperer now.


Now is the time that many of us are returning to work, school and semi normal life, this is the time to put your bra back on! Our video demonstrates what a BAD fitting bra looks like, our Bra Whisperer is wearing a 36DD:

  • The band is too loose offering minimal support and shape.
  • The bra is sitting very low on the torso.
  • The bust is not encapsulated in the bra cups.
  • Centre wire sits away from the breast bone.
  • The bra is misshapen and stretched from ill-care.
  • The cup of the bra is digging in to breast tissue.
  • The bust is not lifted.
  • The straps slip of shoulders.
  • Back band is riding up.
  • The bra straps are very thin straps, which aren’t offering support.

Our Bra Whisperer now wears the Victory Balcony Bra in her correct size of 32G and can you see the difference! WOW:

Why a great fitting bra makes your boobs happy:

  • The band is firm and sits under the breast.
  • The bust is encapsulated in the bra cups.
  • Centre wire sits flush to the breast bone.
  • Bra wire sits behind breast tissue.
  • The bust is separated and lifted.
  • Straps have a two finger tension.
  • The bra is worn on the loosest hook when new.
  • The back band sits straight, right around the body and offers 80% + of the support.

The Curvy Kate Bra Whisperer curates a bra wardrobe for your new normal

The Everyday Bra

WONDERFULL is the latest collection girl on the Curvy Kate block. She is all about hugging and loving your curves thanks to our innovative ‘Cushion Comfort’ tabs which ensure the underwires don’t dig into your armpit! The Wonderfull Full Cup Bra features side support which lifts, shapes and supports your girls for THE BEST shape under clothing, so smooth and uplifted! She’s available in back and latte, a must have in a wide size range of 30G-40K, 36F-40K, 42DD-46G.

The Hot Day Bra

LIFESTYLE Plunge Bra is a game changer for summer days as the super light weight mesh design is breathable and allows all the air to reach your boobs! Lifestyle is one of our lower price point bras and it looks great with our without clothes thanks to its plunge design and cute strap detailing. Lifestyle is available in sizes 30-40″ D-J cup, keep it sweet in the latest cantaloupe colourway.

The ‘you can see my Bra?’

HARNESSED! Like they day ‘ if you got it, flaunt it’ and our sister brand Scantilly is all about that life! Harnessed was made to be seen, it’s the perfect bra for wearing under your business suit to feel like a bad ass boss, the centre piece to meeting your ‘bubble girls’, or a night in with your loved one! Wear it and own it – clothing is optional! Our naughty sister Scantilly is available in sizes 30-38, DD-HH.

The Strapless Bra

LUXE! More sunshine means less clothes! You need the Luxe strapless in your life, this is one of our best selling bras for its gravity defying credentials and we just cant get enough of the Luxe lift and support for our summer wardrobe! Luxe is available in sizes 28-40″ D-J cup, and a wide range of colours – Ivory, Biscotti, Caramel and Black.

The ‘I can wear anything’ Bra!

SUPERPLUNGE! Quite honestly this bra opens up a wardrobe of possibility as the Superplunge style is a multiway with low back extender which lowers your back band by 1-2 inches! HOT DAMN and it works from halter and racer back to open back and deep plunge – this bra really makes the impossible possible. It is our lowest plunge bra to a J cup and we just know every Curvy Kate girl needs one. Watch how to wear Superplunge Mulitway with our Bra Whisperer.

The ‘Chasing The Sun’ Bra

WRAPSODY is not only a Bikini and Swimsuit but it can be styled as outerwear so you can go on roadtrips and wrap it your way for every sunny spot along the way! We love the endless looks that Wrapsody offers and it is super chic in all black from D-J cup.

So there you have it, our top ways to make putting on a bra that bit easier! Shop the entire Curvy Kate collection now!

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