My relationship with my body has been fairly negative since my teens.

Which explains why I hadn't worn a bikini or swimwear of any kind since I was 19, taking to the beaches of Ayia Napa in Cyprus!

I've always carried the most fat in my belly area and had a large bust, with wide shoulders and fairly narrow hips which made me feel super  insecure and in some cases quite masculine. But after years and years of berating myself, my body and trying (and failing) at fad diets, I decided that it was about time I was kinder. I thought about how we speak to ourselves in comparison to our friends, family and even strangers and honestly, I'd never speak to them the way I spoke to myself. It was time to actually consider that I have a body and I'm in good health, and to be honest - that's enough !
That's why when I saw the Curvy Kate call to join the bikini confidence campaign, I thought "yes, it's time - let's do this!". I still felt a bit terrified and nervous about how my body would look and how I'd feel on the day, but I couldn't have been proved anymore wrong. Getting the opportunity to shoot with amazing women, who all had their own insecurities but managed to let their hair down and get out of their comfort zone like me was such an amazing and liberating experience and the Curvy Kate team made us all feel so special and so comfortable.
The day was so much fun, and I've been raving about my new bikini and my shoot experience to my partner, friends and family! I couldn't be more grateful for this experience and the women I met on the day for empowering me and understanding my journey further and I hope that those reading this will feel empowered and comfortable enough to go out to the beach this summer in their bikinis too!

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