I let my H cup boobs hang free for a day. Guess what happened?

I let my H cup boobs hang free for a day. Guess what happened?

I used to think I was a 34 DD.

How?- I really don't know.

Once I started working at Curvy Kate I immediately discovered that my large boobs were in fact a whopping 30H (Thanks Bra Whisperer)!

I couldn’t believe it.

I mean I definitely had over spill, backache and my boobs bounced vigorously every time I walked up a flight of stairs. Somehow I tried to convince myself that my boobs ‘weren’t that big’ and on I went squashing them into a bra that was 4 sizes too small. I had quite a modest selection of underwear and never really focused on the well-being of my breasts or even knew that that was something I should be focused on. The worst part however, was not really realising that they had an implication on the rest of my body.

IMG_7078 (1)

Me in all my boob glory. So you can get a rough idea of my boob size.

You see most of my friends have the sort of boobs that will stay up naturally in a low cut top (without any support). They could go braless; rocking spaghetti straps every time summer came around. I had major boob envy and assumed that it was just not an experience that I would ever have.

I had to pull up my bra straps constantly, more often than not had the dreaded quad boob appearing underneath tight fitting tops and always needed to hoist up my strapless after one too many glasses of Pinot.

I couldn't imagine not wearing a bra and had never thought about letting my boobs hang free.

I experienced a whole host of health problems just by wearing ill-fitting bras. I can only imagine the problems I would have - had I not worn a bra at all.

I have experienced:

Back ache

Neck ache

Skin irritation

Other Common Symptoms of wearing an ill fitting bra:

Boob sweat

Issues with posture


Sagging painful breasts

I am all for a woman’s choice and I firmly believe a woman should be free to wear (or not wear) whatever she wants.

However I started to wonder – would this really work for a woman with larger breasts? Would this be an option for me?

So I decided to give it a go.

I came into work braless- just to see if we big boobed babes could embrace this too.Surprisingly I found my experience started off quite pleasant. I put on a tight fitting dress which gave me some sort of support and I actually felt (dare I say it) sexy and free. I was strangely in touch with mother nature.

Then my fantasy came crashing down -FAST.

I had to run for the bus .

As I ran my boobs bounced up, down , left, right, left,right,up,down- yeah you get the picture. There was just no way to try and hide the fact that my tatas were hanging loose.

At least the bus driver stopped.

I abruptly came to the realization that my braless day was probably going to be a lot harder than I had anticipated.

It was cold and of course the natural thing happened. My nipples became like small daggers and I started feeling very self-conscious. I could feel people staring at my large erected nipples.I was constantly covering my boobs with my hair desperately hoping nobody would notice. As you all know having larger boobs- usually means having larger nipples and so there was really no hope of them going undetected. Unbeknownst to me erected nipples start to hurt after being erected for a long time - I actually had to start warming my poor babies up...Luckily I had warned the office that I was without bra and so they did not stare at me funny when I started stroking ma nips.

hair nipps

Me trying to hide my dagger nips.

At a 30H I know I need more support than just my back muscles. More than worrying about it being aesthetically pleasing I was starting to feel very physically uncomfortable. I could really feel the weight of my boobs. Imagine walking around with 2 LARGE pizzas free falling from your chest.

Want to know what yours weight ? Click here.

Walking up the stairs became a challenge – My boobs bounced in every direction and I found myself grabbing them like tennis balls trying to make it stop happening. There was nothing flattering about having a large mass


Raven demonstrating how I dealt with walking up the stairs...

I then started noticing the dreaded droop and I kept having to hoist them back in place- desperately hoping they would stay up or that my dress would magically keep them in place.


This is honestly how I felt after a few hours...

So my conclusion ? After conducting this little experiment I am a firm believer that big busted women should wear a bra – not because we don’t look fabulous (actually when looking back at the photos it didn’t look half as bad as I thought it would), but because its downright uncomfortable. Perhaps this was just my experience , but I do believe if you have nearly a kilo of mass on each side of your chest you probably need something to keep it in place.

What are your thoughts on the matter ? Do you go Braless? We would love to hear your opinions!

Let us know in the comment section below or on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter - @Curvykate x

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