Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at Curvy Kate? Even if you haven’t, I’m here to take you on a deep dive into my life as an intern in Curvy Kate’s PR & marketing team with a brand new blog series – Diary of a Marketing Intern!

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Wearing the Scantilly Indulgence Bodysuit in Black/Latte - buy my look here

Let me introduce myself…I’m Jas, and I’ve been on this journey at CK for 7 months! Before that, I studied Marketing & Communications for Fashion at the Fashion Retail Academy in Central London, where I also studied my A levels in Fashion Business. Today, I’m here to give you some BTS vibes where all the magic happens from the lens of a Marketing Intern at Curvy Kate. 

Before starting at Curvy Kate, I thought I had learnt everything when it comes to what it takes to thrive in the world of fashion. Boy, was I wrong! You never stop learning and especially at Curvy Kate, I’m part of a small close-knit team where I’ve been SO lucky to have the opportunity to dip my toe into other areas of the Marketing & PR field such as being the editor of our very own internal magazine called The Scoop & Swoop to name just ONE of them!


The first will definitely be learning to think on my feet. They are not lying when people tell you the fashion or creative industries are very fast paced! As someone who struggles with anxiety and is naturally quite a reserved but observant person, mastering the ability to observe and act on the spot was a major learning curve for me.


I started this job during a pandemic and that’s one thing that stuck out to me as very unusual! I did not expect my first day in the business to be in my bedroom behind a laptop, but it was a challenge I wanted to take by the horns. You’d think it would make networking and communication harder, but it spurred me onto biting the bullet and just reaching out to all different areas of the business to get work DONE! Before, it’d be quite daunting as a fresh graduate to reach out to unfamiliar departments or more senior people, but everyone at Curvy Kate has been so warm and helpful! It really helped me develop my confidence to speak to anyone and everyone and this is KEY in the fashion world, especially PR & Marketing!

  1. SPEAK UP!

As I explained in #2, I previously found it very daunting to approach people or express my opinion but what working at Curvy Kate quickly taught me is that if you want to get involved with something, say so – whatever I said was always listened to and executed, which really developed my passion for all things CK and lingerie, as well as eagerness to see the results rolling in! I felt really comfortable to contribute and my advice to any aspiring fashionistas is just to GO FOR IT – 9/10 everyone is really nice and the worst they can say is no – but you walk away with amazing feedback which will push you to evolve.


  1. Body Confidence and all things BOOBS!

Here at Curvy Kate, we pride ourselves on making all women feel fabulous in their own skin and this reflects internally also! More or less as soon as I started, I was fitted by The Bra Whisperer Katie and one of our amazing VBFs Jaime, and I never knew just by wearing your correct bra size it transforms your confidence! Being behind the scenes and watching my awesome team pump out the body positive content made me so much more confident in my own skin. Seeing all different types of women with stories just like mine was amazing and suddenly I was walking with my head a bit higher and the world was my runway!

Especially during the making of our Bikini Confidence campaign, I met the 5 Bikini Babes and shortlisted them along with the team and I resonated with them so much it pushed me to really do the same for all our customers through the power of social and PR!

Before I let you go for this week’s Diary of an Intern (yep, you heard right – there’s more!) I am DYING to show you my favourite new in Curvy Kate bits & how I’d style them…

 Lucky Star Bodysuit in Tan - buy here

I absolutely LOVE the Lucky Star collection - it's the perfect lingerie piece to start wearing underwear as outerwear, and trust me, you won't even feel like you've just walked out the house in your bra! I styled it into some 90s vibes, with some dad jeans, an asymmetric crop top and some kicks. 

How working at Curvy Kate TRANSFORMED my journey into fashion – Diary of a Curvy Kate intern     How working at Curvy Kate TRANSFORMED my journey into fashion – Diary of a Curvy Kate intern

Extrovert! - buy here

The SHAPE this bra gives you is unmatched. Not to mention the gorgeous harness detailing which is a huge trend at the moment, it looks so pretty underneath a sweetheart neckline - I paired it with this grey knit and some black leggings. Perfect for Christmas morning! 

How working at Curvy Kate TRANSFORMED my journey into fashion – Diary of a Curvy Kate intern

Scantilly Unchained Plunge Bra - buy here

When darkness strikes, Scantilly is your girl! My favourite has to be unchained, the rose gold chains are so flattering on any body type and make me feel so feminine, a little like Princess Jasmine! It makes the perfect accessory to a night out, which I'd pair under a crop with a blazer and my fave faux leather trousers!

How working at Curvy Kate TRANSFORMED my journey into fashion – Diary of a Curvy Kate intern 


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