The line up is being announced for Love Island as we speak and we all know that sinking feeling of seeing other women on our social feed looking 'perfect'.

Well this is a reminder that comparison will get us nowhere so let's celebrate our bodies as they are right now and to also not judge others based on an image!

Curvy Kate are all about the body positivity, lifting boobs and spirits all over the world. We know that Love Island will have a huge reach this summer and impact on our day to day life as it will be a topic of conversation amongst friends, colleagues and family.

Bra Whisperer

Here are our Bra Whisperers top tips to being kind on social media:

🏝️ If you feel that you wouldn't say the comment to someone in real life, then do not say it on social media. Nasty comments written below an image on a social media post hurt just as much as in real life and trolling is always a reflection of the person writing the comment. Think carefully before your type.

🏝️ Not everyone is going to 100% your type. Try not to judge a person based on an image that you see. We are of course only human but when you start to think negative thoughts about someone you see online or on TV just remember that you are only seeing edited versions. You will never see the whole person, so you cannot define a character based upon what you see.

🏝️ Positive vibes only - doesn't it just feel great when we compliment another person? Well, if you are particularly vibing with a contestant, you like their energy, the way they dress or perhaps how they come across - tell your friends! If you feel less inclined to spread positive vibes about other contestants, just say nothing at all.

🏝️ Don't compare yourself to others! With a distinct lack of diversity and a small group of people to enter the villa - you are most likely to face the facts that no one in the villa looks like you. THIS IS OK! Being you, is your super power. There is something about you that one of the Love Islanders would wish for as you are lusting after something of theirs. Always remember that.

🏝️Every body is a body which deserves respect and love.

If anything, what i would take from this seasons Love Island is that wearing a bikini 24/7 is completely acceptable and we should all try doing that a bit more!

Do not let thoughts of unobtainable 'perfection' stop you from having the confidence to feel absolutely amazing in your swimwear this summer!

Here are my Curvy Kate Swimwear picks, for entering the villa or just the back garden:

Wrapsody swimwear
Curvy Kate Wrapsody - with this swimsuit you don't have to put all of your eggs in one basket because you can get so many looks! The light weight mesh panels truly create infinite looks form one shoulder and cape to halter and bandeau to create effortlessly chic looks which look amazing from beach to bar.
Holiday Crush

Holiday Crush - the clue is in the name! This bikini is the perfect two-some for a summer of fun! The scoop balcony bikini top is super supportive to a K cup and offers incredible cleavage. We love this sunset rust tone and sunsucker fabric which hugs each and every curve to perfection.

Pool Party Swimsuit
Pool Party. Always ready in this reversible swimsuit, made from recycled materials - it turn our pink brand green and really makes a positive impact on the environment! We love to see it! Pool Party really does the most for your boobs too, all the lift, cleavage and shape to a J/JJ cup, just be sure to scoop and swoop!
First Class

First Class - G L A M O R O U S. First class is a simply sophisticated collection available in black and red to suit your jet set style! There is definitely a shape for everyone from a bandeau and scoop balcony to a tankini and swimsuit! Which one will you couple up with?


So crack on and get yourself some perfectly fitting swimwear for this summer of loving yourself and always be kind!

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