Asymmetrical boobs are pretty common and something that effects pretty much every woman on the planet to some degree. The issue is, regardless of how severe the difference in your breasts is, that getting a bra that supports both boobs without one continually trying to escape by spilling out of the top or one cup being so big the fabric puckers is really tricky. So, here we will give you a some top tips on how to fit your bra, and minimize your breast difference.
Tip One:
Be conscious of the type of bra you buy...
The best bra for minimizing the appearance of asymmetrical boobs is a padded or molded cup bra. These style have a lot more structure and will not crease or pucker if they aren't fully filled. Try styles such as the ones below for the best fit and appearance under clothing:
Smoothie Balcony Bra
The new Smoothie Balcony Bra sits perfectly on the breast to disguise asymmetric boobs as it cups your tissue without gaping to a K cup!
Luxe Caramel Strapless Bra
The Luxe strapless is also a really great moulded bra shape and with the straps it can be worn as an everyday bra! Super versatile as two looks in one bra!
Wonderfull Full Cup Bra
A Full Cup Bra is also a great choice for asymmetric boobs especially a full cup style like Wonderfull as the stretch mesh top cup hugs your breast tissue and allows for fluctuations.
Tip Two:
Fit to the largest breast...
When picking your bra always make sure you choose a size that will fit your largest breast in. It's much easier to make a bra fit (or appear to fit) a smaller boob that trying to cram your largest one in a small cup.
First things first, fit your largest breast. Make sure you follow all the rules that are shown on our fitting guide (here), then you can tackle the smaller bust later. You want the perfect fit which means lift and support with no bulging.
Tip Three:
Know your adjustments or invest in bra-pads to fill out your cup...
To get the correct fit it requires a lot of adjustments to a bra to make sure it fits your body perfectly. The adjustments are the same to try and make your smaller breast fit into a larger cup. Firstly you need to scoop all the breast tissue into the cup to make sure no tissue is being squashed or being left unsupported. Then you need to adjust the straps so the cup fits as snugly as possible on your smaller boob. If the difference between your breasts isn't that significant then this trick of adjusting the straps should be enough to make the bra fit both cups correctly. However if the difference is more significant it may take a little more than just strap adjustment to make your cups fit. If this is the case, you may have to add in a bra pad that will fill any extra space in your cups and then continue you to carry out the adjustments so you get the perfect fit.
Push-up Pads
Bra Pads, or 'push-up pads' or 'cleavage enhancers' can be bought at a number of high-street stores or online. They are designed to be used in both cups at the same time however they can really help minimize the difference between asymmetrical breast and fill out gaping cups.
So if you have asymmetrical boobs then do not despair! Everyone's boobs are different and there are plenty of tips and tricks to make sure your bra fits your unique shape perfectly!
Do you have uneven boobs? If so, do you find it hard to shop for underwear and what styles work best for you? Let us know as we would love to hear from you! Either comment below or tweet us @Curvykate.

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