People often say you should invest your money in things you use every day like a good mattress for a dreamy night's sleep or a good pair of shoes. But what about investing in a good bra? A good bra is the foundation of every outfit you wear and whether anyone else sees it or it’s just for you, some new, well-fitted lingerie can really help boost your overall mood. It can leave you feeling empowered, confident and comfortable all in one.
This Mental Health Week, we’ve teamed up with money-saving platform Savoo and Mental Health UK to show you how a good bra or some luxury lingerie can be the mood booster you need. Remember that lingerie is for you. While it’s nice to impress a partner the key thing with underwear is that you’re the one wearing it so you have to feel confident and comfortable.
The perfect fit
 How lingerie can lift your mood
well fitted bra can change the way your breasts look and how your clothes fit your body which can have a huge impact on your overall mood. Getting the right fit in different shapes and styles will create the perfect foundation for your clothes making you feel confident in everything you wear.

How lingerie can lift your mood
Having a properly fitted bra can also help improve your posture. If you’re wearing something that’s not giving you the proper support you need, you’ll be more uncomfortable throughout the day leaving you feeling miserable. Get the perfect fit, and your posture will improve and therefore increase your comfort making you feel much better than you would otherwise.
Brighten up your day
Colours can have a profound effect on our moods. So why not play around with different colours and see how it affects you, plus it’s a great excuse to treat yourself to something new! Cool colours like your blues and pastels can really help you feel calm and relaxed. A strong black - as well as being a convenient colour choice for most women - can make you feel strong and sophisticated.
Warm reds and oranges can help give you a boost of energy and bolder colours like pinks and purples will have you feeling fun and youthful. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and pick brighter, crazier patterns on your next lingerie shop. Stock your underwear drawer with the brightest, most endorphin-boosting colourful lingerie and see what a huge difference it could make to your mood.
How lingerie can lift your mood
Confidence boosting
We all have those days where we just aren’t feeling ourselves, and feel our confidence slipping away. Whether that’s because of a bad hair day or you’re just feeling a tad down, you have to take control. Wearing something that makes you look incredible, such as a gorgeously crafted lingerie set, is certain to bring back your self-esteem.
Slip on something sexy to give your confidence the boost it needs. Whether you have a hot date coming up, an upcoming anniversary with a long term partner or just want to treat yourself to some stunning new lingerie - find something that excites you and makes you feel your best. Whether it’s lacy and sheer or strappy and bold, knowing that you’ve got something fierce under your outfit will keep you feeling amazing.
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More about Mental Health UK
Mental Health UK offers support, information and advice for anyone affected by poor mental health. With 1 in 4 people experiencing problems with their mental health, this incredible organisation is doing vital work. Mental Health UK acts as a hub, connecting those in need with the vital support they need to manage their mental health.
More about Savoo
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