Guest Blog: Single for Valentine's Day by Chloe Rianne Woods

When Curvy Kate asked me to do Valentine's themed blog post I was so excited because who doesn’t love pretty lingerie? Then it hit me that this is the first valentines in six years where I won’t be buying gifts for someone else, receiving gifts from someone else or planning any ‘couple’ things. It was strange because I thought I would feel down (and very much single) but I honestly felt the complete opposite.

I’ve grown so much as a person and have never felt as confident and empowered as I do now. I realised that you never need to impress anyone else but yourself, you don’t need to try to please anyone else but yourself and you certainly do not need to wear your lingerie for anyone else. Sometimes you’ve just got to put yourself first to be happy in your own skin and be confident in who you are. It’s empowering to feel good about yourself in a society which says you shouldn’t.

This year, whether you’re single or you have someone special in your life, wear your lingerie for yourSELF first and don’t feel bad about doing it. I’m wearing a 34J in all these sets and I honestly couldn’t believe I found lingerie, which is pretty, sexy and the perfect fit available in my size.

Love yourself first in Valentine's Lingerie

The new In Love With Lace had to be my favourite set because it ticked all the boxes for me and it’s perfect for Valentine's Day. Who doesn’t love pink?

Chloe slays In Love With Lace

The Dragonfly set is something else perfect for Valentines, I love the mesh and lace together and would make a perfect bralette under a black silk shirt.

Chloe wears last seasons bestseller Dragonfly!

I loved the Ellace Teal for something a little different, the colour was great for my skin tone and the stretch lace made it a comfortable fit, perfect if you find your bust size changes during that time of the month!

Chloe looks amazing in Ellace Teal

I’m so happy to be in a place where I’m confident in my underwear, with or without make-up, with or without someone else to impress! You do you for Valentines and never feel bad for feeling good about yourself.

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