She can read your bra sizing by using her eyes, no she doesn’t have X Ray vision but the Bra Whisperer is very gifted when it comes to her Bra Fitting knowledge. We know in Covid times, touching isn’t a thing so if you are concerned about your bra size or in need of your 6 monthly bra fitting – submitting a virtual Bra Whisperer form is the next best thing to a 1-1 bra fitting!
The virtual bra fitting process isn’t intrusive, you can simply fill out the form and upload three images. The Bra Whisperer asks for a front, back and side image of you in your bra as this helps to see the the critical points of a bra and how they fit you, so keep the images clear and bright for the most accurate fitting.
Virtual Bra Fitting
The most common fit issue during a virtual bra fitting is that back bands are too big and cup sizes too small which leads to a lack of support, neck and shoulder ache. Wearing a correctly fitting bra, not only lifts your bust but also your confidence! A common size change we see is from a 38DD to sizes which much smaller bands and bigger cups – here is our Bra Whisperer demonstrating the difference between an ill fitting 38DD and a perfectly fitted 32G.
WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Now from the side…
Ill Fitting Bra
CHECK out the breast tissue which is not encapsulated by the bra – this can lead to underwires digging in and general discomfort which makes us want to take our bra off as soon as we get home! In the right fitting bra this discomfort is eliminated and you won’t even feel your bra!
Katie will ensure that she send you a list of the best suited bra to your boobs in the recommended sizes, you can even drop her a follow up email when you receive them for her to check they fit perfectly!
Are you ready for a virtual bra fitting? Submit a form now.

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