The brand new Everymove Sports Bra by Curvy Kate is about to uplift your life!

We have revolutionized fuller bust fitness with our debut Everymove Sports Bra from F-K cup

Uplift your Life with Everymove

What makes Everymove a game changer?

Not only does the Everymove Sports Bra cater to our fuller bust babes in sizes from 30-40K, but we know how important it is to get the right support! That's why we developed Everymove with 360 degree flexible wire, allowing this sports bra to feel like a non-wire whilst performing like a wired style.

The Everymove Sports Bra cups clamp to the breast tissue in our triple layer formula and locks down breast movement, for a significantly reduced bounce! So you don't have to let your boobs hold you back ever again!

Everymove Sports bra

What makes the Everymove Sports Bra a TRIPLE LAYER FIT:

INNER LAYER: tailored stretch fit to your breasts
SECRET LAYER: frame your tissue & lock down bounce
OUTERLAYER: encapsulate & shape your curves

The Cuvry Kate Everymove Sports Bra
Everymove features fully adjustable wide straps with teethed sliders for adjustment and hold so whether your smashing your PB in a gym class, stepping outside to run or playing a game of netball with your girls you know you'll be supported with additional comfort from the straps. The Everymove Sports Bra adds versatility with a J-hook ring for optimum support, so you can jump, dance and run knowing your girls aren't going anywhere!

Uplift your life with Everymove

Level up your fitness and your fits with Everymove, available in Black with pink details and Beetroot with Coral flashes! These colours pair perfectly with your gym kit essentials and the Sports Bra is designed to be worn alone with leggings or underneath your gym top offering great shape.

Everymove Sports Bra

Everymove is the only Sports Bra on the market to use ‘Microfresh’ for minimal washing and prolonged wear

Everymove Sports Bra

The Curvy Kate Everymove Sports Bra is the first sports bra on the market to contain MicroFresh®, a natural formula that helps to prevent bacteria & odor build up, so you can ensure your bra stays fresher for longer and requires less washing in between wears! Micro-Fresh® technology preserves treated products and prolongs life leading to less landfill. So it really is a win, win!

Don’t let your boobs hold you back from exercise!

Our Curvy Kate Bra Whisperer Katie Weir LOVES the Everymove Sports Bra and she knows more than a thing or two about bras!

“For years I have been bra-fitting Curvy Kate babes across the globe in perfectly
fitting lingerie and swimwear, it was always a gap in our offering, but we knew we
had to get it right. I am proud to tell customers the 3-year design journey of the
product as it is a true testament to the support and comfort of the bra.

The next step is to ensure that we spread the word of our sports bra to people of all ages so that they know there is an F-K sports bra which will allow them to achieve their personal best, join the football club or just MOVE in comfort and support.”

Our Curvy Kate babe Claudia, @hey.thecloset agrees,

"one of the things I hated the most growing up with a bigger bust was not having a proper sports bra, I even remember being pulled aside by a P.E teacher."

Watch how the Everymove Sports Bra has totally changed the game!

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