Bras are absolute game changes, they can completely alter the way someone's body and boobs look but can also change how someone sees themselves and feels about their body- Awesome right? And because of this, the positive power of the bra should not be underestimated, but neither should the negatives. Now don't get me wrong, there are very little negatives when you find the correct size bra for your puppies, it's when women insist on wearing the incorrect size where we start to have issues. Below are a list of symptoms that appear when you wear the wrong bra and just how detrimental each symptom can be your boobs and body.

1) Bra straps digging in:

Straps digging don't only look painful but they are painful and this can really affect the way you stand. Straps that are carrying too much of the weight can even leave grooves in the bones of your shoulders if worn this way for too long- ouch! The reason this happens is because many women opt to wear a back band that is much too big for them and this then means the weight of their boobs isn't being supported. When large boobs aren't supported they droop forward and this pulls down on the straps. The shoulders end up holding all the weight (which could be up to 5kgs - yep, that heavy!) so is it any wonder your shoulders hurt?!


2) Underwires are sitting in the wrong place.

Wires are designed to encase your entire breast and run right around the outside with no flesh or breast tissue being squished underneath. If you're experiencing poking, prodding, rubbing or riding up then your bra simply doesn't fit. Not only can ill-fitting underwires be really uncomfortable they can also affect our health by creating sores and blisters- and no one wants blistered boobs!


The above image shows wires that are letting the boobs escape out of the bottom of the bra and causing them to get trapped. This is a big no-no, the wire should sit at the root of your breast (where your boob joins your body) and sit snugly again your ribcage, if it's not doing then then there's only one thing for it....tighten that back band!

front on

This is one of the most common things we see. The image shows wires that aren't sitting flat in the middle of your boobs, in fact they're sat on the boobs which again can be really bad for your poor boobs that are being squashed underneath. To remedy this- try a smaller back band and a bigger cup size and this will make sure the wires are all the way around the outside of your breast.


Can you see how on this image the end of the wire is jabbing right into the tissue and flesh under the arm? Well that's because that is still part of your boob and it needs to be fully encased. This is a symptom many women experience and usually end up thinking it is all underwired bras that leave them uncomfortable however this is just not the case. A correctly fitting bra won't be uncomfortable and should never dig-in or leave sores.

3) Your back band is riding up.

It's a pet hate of mine and something that affects so many women - back bands riding up and pretty much sitting on women's shoulders. Here's the thing- Your back band shouldn't ever ride up and if it does there is only one reason and one reason alone for it doing this... It's too big. If you wear a back band that is way too big for you it will sit much further up on your back like in the picture above. The reason it does this is because the weight of your boobs is able to pull down on the straps meaning the back band is lifted. If the back back were tighter the band would sit horizontally (parallel to the ground), allowing the breasts to be properly supported and stop pulling on the straps.

Back band

This back band is riding up and sitting way to far up on the back. This is because it is 6" bigger than it should be. A bra with such a big back means it's giving zero support and the straps are being relied on to try and do all the hard work. This makes back pain, shoulder pain and a poor posture pretty much inevitable.

4) You're spilling out of your cups

bulge cup

If you are spilling or bulging out of your cups in any way then your cup is too small. This again can be dangerous as the edges of the cups are digging-in to your breast tissue. It can be really uncomfortable and make your boobs look lumpy and bumpy, so not great under clothes. If this is happening to you then you need a larger cup size.


5) Your shoulders are hunched and your spine curved

Bad posture

When you have heavy boobs that are not properly supported gravity takes hold and inevitably pulls them downwards (it's a sad fact- sorry!), but this means a lot of pressure on your shoulders and back, especially in an incorrectly fitting bra. You should be able to stand tall and push your boobs out! Go on, help your shoulders out and lift your boobs with your bra!

So how should your bra look?!

Below are images of a well fitting bra, showing how this can eradicate some of the common issues women experience when they have large boobs and try stuffing them in the wrong size.

  • The bra straps are not digging in as the back band is taking the weight the boobs.
  • The wires are sitting flat to the breast bone meaning the cup and the wires are completely encasing all of the breast and the tissue.

Well fitting side

  • The band is now sitting horizontally as it is at the correct tension to allow the breasts to be supported without the back band riding up.
  • The Boobs are not spilling out of the front or sides as the cups are the perfect size.
  • The posture is much better - more up-right and the boobs are lifted up and off the body.
  • The back band is flat across the back, it is not digging in but is firm enough not to move around.
  • The straps are at the correct tension meaning they will not dig-in or fall down.
  • The bra is fastened on the loosest hook meaning that as it is washed and worn it will be able to be tightened to gain maximum support.

Overall a correctly fitting bra is pretty bloody important so memories these tips and do your pair a favour! If you suffer from any of these symptoms and feel you need help finding the correct size, then either watch our fitting video here or send your images to the Bra Whisperer® for her to virtually 'fit' you by clicking HERE.

Here's to happy boobs and shopping Curvy Kates latest collections.

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