Desperate to buy some new lingerie, but not certain on your bra size? Our VBF’s (virtual bra fitters) have got your back! 

We sit down with our newest recruit, Chloe, who can be liked to Cinderella’s fairy God Mother. No, she can’t turn a pumpkin into a sparkling chariot, but she certainly can match you with a perfectly fitting bra that will make you feel like a princess who’s found her glass slipper. Get to know our Chloe a little bit more, as she talks all things bras... 

Introduce yourself! Tell us 3 things that sum you up.

  • I’m very creative 
  • I can laugh at myself and my never ending clumsiness!
  • I always see the best in people 

Virtual Bra Fitter Chloe

1. So, if you could be a real life Disney princess or character who would you be and why?  

I’d be the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland because he’s always mischievous and smiling and doesn’t take anything too seriously! 


2. So, now we have a bit of background on you, how did you get where you are today in the world of BOOBS?

I graduated from De Montfort university with a degree in Contour fashion in 2007 and went on to design bras for the high street where I would be involved with the initial patterns, fittings and adaptations. I then went freelance as a designer for smaller higher end start up labels, where I would take on many roles from initial design through to pattern making, fabric and trim sourcing and sometimes also sewing the original samples as well as fitting in a range of sizes. After having my daughter, I went on to work in retail management and customer services. I feel that my background in both customer service and all things boobs equips me with the experience and knowledge to get ladies everywhere into a bra that will make them feel supported and fabulous! 

Virtual Bra Fitter Chloe

3. Here at Curvy Kate, making women feel fabulous in their lingerie and comfortable in their own skin, is at the heart of everything we do. What do you love about bras ‘n’ boobs?

To me, the best feeling is seeing how wearing the right bra in the right size can completely transfer a persons confidence, the way they look and the way they carry themselves. I also love all things lacey and sexy which certainly helps! 

4. When you’ve not got your hands full of boobs and bras, what do you like to do?

I really enjoy running so try my best to make time for it every day, I love how it makes me feel. I also love spending time with my daughters who keep me on my toes! I also enjoy cooking and like to try out new bakes whenever I get the chance. 


5. Only 20% of women are wearing the right bra size. What are your top tips for people who might not be wearing the correct size, yet?

If you feel something is off then you’re mostly likely right. You after all know your body better than anyone else. The best thing you can do is book a virtual bra fitting so that we can discuss the problem areas and dilemmas that you’ve been experiencing. No one should have to suffer in a bra that’s uncomfortable and not supporting them. Once you have the right size, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! 

6. What is the most common problem you get when people come to you about bra fitting and what advice do you offer?

The most common issue that I see the most seems to be that the band they’re wearing is too big and therefore not offering any support, and the cup size is too small so the breasts aren’t contained properly within the cups. Many ladies aren’t aware of how to properly put their bra on. Another common issue is that the wires aren’t containing the breast tissue and therefore are digging in under the arm which causes a great deal of discomfort and suggests that the cup is too small. The advice I would offer in the above scenario would be to size down the band and size up the cup. You can usually get a gauge by eye of how many sizes both band and cup need to be adjusted by. Many ladies will also not adjust the straps properly which can change the way in which the breasts sit in the cups completely so remember ladies to always scoop and swoop and adjust the straps to two fingers! 

Gin Fizz Bra

7. Name a celebrity you wish you could bra fit?

Lizzo, I love her confidence and positivity. 

8. Balcony or plunge?

Balcony suits my shape better. 

Balcony Bra


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9. Thong, Brazilian or brief?

Brazilian or Brief

Indulgence brief

Check out our range of Briefs and Brazilians!

10. Lastly, what is your favourite positive mantra that keeps you motivated?

You have to be a little bit crazy to do great things! 

Don't forget, you can join the 20% of women actually wearing the right bra size by taking our Bra Fit Quiz or  Book in with Chloe here !
For more talk on boobs & bras, listen to our new podcast Have I Got Boobs For You!


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